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Instrument Systems

Instrument Systems was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.
The company develops and manufactures turnkey solutions for light measurement and delivers a comprehensive range of products for industrial and research applications.
They include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers as well as imaging photometers and colorimeters. A wide selection of measurement adapters and accessories like integrating spheres, goniometers and LED test sockets complete the product range. Photometric measurement systems of our Optronik line are developed and marketed at our Berlin facility, with a special focus on automotive and traffic technology.

Spectroradiometry & PhotometryInstrument Systems is dedicated to working with standardization committees and associations (DIN, CIE) and also cooperates with leading national calibration laboratories.
Therefore, all our instruments provide accurate and reliable results as per CIE recommendations and are on top when new technological benchmarks are defined.

Right from the beginning, the company develops and manufactures all its products in Germany. About 85% of turnover is generated abroad. As a subsidiary company of Konica Minolta, Instrument Systems has access to extensive resources and to a global network.

Core competencies at Instrument Systems:

  • LED Metrology
    Spectroradiometer CAS 140CT / CAS120
    LED tester
    LED test sockets
  • Display Metrology
    Imaging colorimeters of the LumiCam 1300 series
    Display test systems of the DMS series
    Display test system DTS 140
  • SSL Measurement Systems
    Goniophotometers (LGS series)
    Integrating spheres (ISP series )
  • Spectroradiometry & Photometry
    Spectroradiometer Spectro 320
    Optical probes of the EOP series

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Instrument Systems


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