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The LASOS LDM-XT Series Laser Diode Modules

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is the latest generation of laser diode modules designed to fulfill specific customer’s needs for a particular application. Its modular concept allows adapting different requirements regarding optical and electronical properties. Whether it is delivered as an OEM component for instrumentation or for stand alone applications in science or research the customer has the choice between several options which ensure always the best price-performance ratio. With its compact and robust housing, easy setup and intelligent control the LASOS® LDM-XT laser series is the ideal choice when reliability and accuracy matter. The laser diode modules are available in a free beam version or with a permanently aligned coupling into a single mode polarization maintaining fiber. The fiber patchcord can be designed by the customer choosing from various options regarding jacket and connectors. Additionally, the customer can choose from a range of opto-mechanical components like precision fiber plugs and sockets for adjustment free docking to an instrument or beam combining to transfer several beams into one collinear beam ore one fiber. Based on these features the new LASOS LDM-XT series is the best choice for:

Lasos LDM-XT
Lasos LDM-XT

– Microscopy
– Flow Cytometry
– Bioanalytical Research
– Industrial Measurement
– Testing
– Science and Education

The LDM-XT is available as:

  • Free Beam
  • Free beam with adapter plate
  • Fiber coupled

The following wavelengths are available:

405, 415, 425, 445, 457, 460, 473, 488, 505, 515, 520, 633, 638, 660, 685, 705, 730, 785, 808, 830nm

The following beam options are available:

  • C Circular beam, Spot roundness: 0.9 …1
  • E Enhanced beam quality, Beam quality [M²]: < 1.2
  • SHINE (Speckle Homogenizer and Image Noise Eraser)
  • N Narrow bandwidthH  (Reduced spectral width), Spectral width [nm]: < 1
  • L Longitudinal singlemode (High coherence length), Spectral width [pm]: < 0.1
    Spot roundness: 0.9 …1

    Spectral width [nm]: < 1
    Spectral width [pm]: < 0.1
    Beam quality [M²]: < 1.2

    SHINE option: enable / disable
    SHINE option: enable / disable







Check with us for the latest product updates!

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