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Lars Benesch

Photonics Solutions Engineer

Lars Benesch - Te Lintelo SystemsMy name is Lars Benesch, Photonic Solutions Engineer at your service. The international dynamics in the Brainport Region has taught me a lot about open innovation and co-creation, having managed business for both OEMs and suppliers. With experience from different industries and organizations, I learned that one of the most important performance indicators is response time.

In the field of photonics, I admire the constant research, development and innovation bringing us more applications, insights and products. My passion is with this key-enabling technology and its applications.

I am very curious and would like to learn what keeps you busy, talk about your ideas and help you in finding ways to transform them into solutions or innovations.

My specialties: co-creation, cooperation, constant improvement and connecting professionals

I look forward hearing from you and creating great results together.

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