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Bi-convex Lenses

Te Lintelo Systems is your partner for Bi-Convex optica lenses made to your special needs, includes various coatings, mirrors, lenses, windows, prisms, polarizing optics, UV and IR optics, optical filters.

Bi-Convex Lenses

Biconvex LensThese symmetrical lenses also possess positive focal lengths and produce real images of distinct objects. However theses lenses minimize the spherical aberrations for nearly symmetrical positions of the conjugate points with respect to the lens. For exactly symmetrical imaging with a 1:1 magnification not only the spherical aberration is minimized, but also coma and distortion are completely eliminated. As a rule of thumb the bi-convex lenses are best used for magnifications between 1/5 and 5.

TLS optics made in europe premium quality

example specifications:

Material: BK7 – Fused Silica – Quartz – Mf2G
Focal Length: +/- 2 %
Design Wavelength: 546,1 nm
Diameter Tolerance: +0/- 0.2 mm
Centering: < 5 min. of arc
Wavefront Distortion: λ/10
Clear Aperture: 90 % of diameter
Surface Quality: S/D 10-5
Antireflection Coating: Yes / No / on request


The range of products we provide you includes:

• Plano optics, like; windows, light pipes, filters [colour glass, interference]
• mirrors [flat, spherical, aspherical, ellipsoidal, parabolic, free form]
• Prisms [Triple, Corner Cubes, Penta, Reflection, Porro, Dove]
• Beam splitters [polarizing, non-polarizing]
• Spherical optics; singlets, doublets, triplets, achromats, cylindric
• Aspherical lenses, ball lenses, rods
• Toroids
• Special types [gradient index, arrays, laser optics]
• Polarizing Optics [Glan-Taylor, Glan-Thomson, Rochon, Wollaston, Brewster, Retardation Plates]
• Domes
• Moulded Glass Optics
• Custom Fiber Optics

We are working with a hugh range of materials, including:

• optical glass from following manufactures / brands [Schott, Ohara, CDGM, Desag, Pilkington]
• Fused Silica
• Crystalline Optics like Quartz, Sapphire and others
• Metal Optics [Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel]

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