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Day of Photonics – 21 october 2020

Let's celebrate DAY OF PHOTONICS! In our day to day life we are surrounded with photonics, from the rays of the sun which provide us light and heat, to the less visible core-processor of your phone where during the production…

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News letter – Autumn 2020

Newsflash - Autumn 2020 - Update's - Webinars - Productnews -  Autumn is coming, you are welcome for a cup coffee or tea! The last quarter of 2020 has started. A quarter which under normal circumstances is pretty predictable, with…

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Avalanche Photodiodes – A webinar by OSIO

The high-gain properties in avalanche photodiodes (APDs) make these devices an ideal choice for low-light-level detection in optical communications, spectroscopy, range finding, and many other applications for medical, industrial, telecommunications, automotive, defense, and aerospace industries. This webinar examines the unique…

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