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Photonics Event Booth Te Lintelo Systems

Photonics Event 2018 Enschede Te Gallery June 19 2018

  • 12/06/2018

Te Lintelo systems will attend the Photonics Event 2018 Enschede Te Gallery June 19 2018. The Photonics Event is a one-day congress with an exhibition. Leading suppliers and scientists from the Benelux and Germany show the latest developments in photonics.…

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Newsflash May 2018 TLS

  • 24/05/2018

Newsflash - May - 2018 May 2018 update With this newsflash we want to inform you on highlights, product introductions and other photonics news. The Hyperchromator, a highly efficient monochromator for LDLSTM SPF testing, 6 ports Output Solar Simulator Calibration…

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Newsflash Spring 2018 – TLS

  • 24/04/2018

Newsflash Spring 2018 Spring update by this spring edition we want to update you on what new products are comming up. Nanosecond fiber laser line introdcution from Jenoptik Remote spectral sensor (with build in shutter) from Gigahertz-Optik Beamage M2 meter…

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Industrial nanosecond fiber lasers from JenOptik

  • 16/03/2018

The JenLas® fiber ns 25-105 laser product family opens up a wealth of possibilities for laser material processing applications: the pulsed nanosecond fiber lasers are suitable for labeling, marking, and cutting different materials, as well as for structuring your surface…

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TLS RAMAN Setup Ready To Go

Ready to go 532nm Raman Kit

  • 07/03/2018

Together with our partners Wasatch Photonics, LASOS and Laservision we deloped a ready to go raman kit. We combine the knowledge of raman spectrometers from Wasatch with the just release DPSS-XT or LDM-XT laser from LASOS and the Laser safety…

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Hypermonochromator for EQ-99X Energetiq

  • 26/02/2018

Hyperchromator highly efficient monochromator for LDLS The Hypermonochromator is a high throughput monochromator originally designed for the Energetiq EQ-99X LDLS. With fast optics, up to f/1.5, it efficiently collects the light directly from the small plasma spot of the light…

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