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Princeton InstrumentsNext-Generation, Ultra-Low-Noise CCD Cameras

Princeton Instruments SOPHIA®, the most advanced line of ultra-low-noise scientific cameras yet, integrate precisely engineered ultra-low-noise electronics, state-of-the-art software, and proprietary new ArcTec thermoelectric cooling technology. The speed and sensitivity of the SOPHIA series make these cameras ideal for low-light-level research applications as diverse as photometry, chemiluminescence, astronomy, in vivo small animal imaging, and spectroscopy.

SOPHIA-products - Princeton Instruments - Te Lintelo SystemsKey features of all SOPHIA cameras include:

  • Ultra-low-noise readout down to 2 e-
  • ArcTec™ deep cooling without chillers or cryo-coolers
  • Permanent vacuum guarantee
  • Back-illuminated CCDs deliver >95% peak QE
  • Patented eXcelon technology provides low fringing & enhanced sensitivity
  • Fast frame rate enabled by 4-port, 16 MHz readout
  • Fully supported by 64-bit LightField software

New! SOPHIA 4096B – Advanced features:

  • Better Optical Design: Improved field flattener performance with reduced
    window-to-CCD distance | Minimized window thickness
  • Accurate CCD Positioning: Ability to “zero out” the variability in themechanical assembly |
    CCD alignment for roll, pitch and translation, reducing system level adjustments
  • Multi-TEC Design: Guarantees even heat dissipation and withstands thermal cycling |
    Ensure repeatable CCD position and alignment

As the most advanced ultra-low-noise camera platform developed to date by Princeton Instruments, the SOPHIA series provides an unprecedented combination of sensitivity, speed, and flexibility. Using the latest USB 3.0 data interface and multi-port readout capabilities up to 16 MHz, SOPHIA increases frame rates by as much as 4x while delivering the low noise typically attributed to slow-scan detectors.

Sophia princeton instrumentsSOPHIAs-combo princeton instruments“Over the past 35 years, Princeton Instruments has produced iconic cameras, spectrometers, and software — advanced scientific tools utilized by leading researchers and Nobel laureates around the world. SOPHIA extends this lineage of innovation. With ArcTec cooling technology, brand-new readout electronics, and a USB 3.0 interface all integrated via our acclaimed LightField software, we believe no other scientific-grade low-light detector can match SOPHIA’s performance and ease of use.”
– Ravi Guntupalli, VP Sales & Marketing, Princeton Instruments


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