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LASOS Laser Systems

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LASOS develops and manufactures solid state and gas lasers in the UV-visible spectrum with special focus on OEM appplications in Biophotonics, e.g. Microscopy, Raman-Spectroscopy and Holography. Within the superb geographic footing in Jena, LASOS is well placed to channel the latest in scientific and technological process into cutting edge products and services.
LASOS has installed modern tools, automated equipment, clean room technology, advanced processes and recruited further technical skill for manufacturing lasers. The company objectives are to design, develop and manufacture air-cooled Argon-ion-lasers, Helium-Neon-lasers, solid-state lasers and diode-laser modules for the international market.

Lasos LaserLASOS development focuses on new technologies and introduced new product lines of solid-state lasers in addition to the gas lasers. Besides a wide range of standard products LASOS offers customized laser solutions and laser related optical sub-systems.
Guided by its principles and professional management strategies, LASOS focuses on increasing customer benefit and profit by supplying high quality laser products and providing the best service.
Design, process and application specialists are trained to support customized solutions in their special applications.
Today, LASOS is the European leader in manufacturing gas lasers and the world’s largest OEM supplier for laser scanning microscopy.


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