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Gentec-eo Partners for accuracy

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Logo Gentec-eo Te Lintelo SystemsWith a 45 year track record of innovation and providing quality solutions for laser power and energy measurement applications, Gentec-EO stands ready to serve you now and in the future. Our product line includes a complete range of laser power & energy meters, photo detectors, THz detectors, OEM detectors and beam diagnostics. We also have calibration centers on 3 continents for fast turn-around times, just what you need to keep pace with today’s rapid market.


About Gentec-EO

Located in the heart of the Quebec Optical Hub, in beautiful Quebec City, Canada, Gentec Electro-Optics (Gentec-EO) has a long history in the laser measurement field. With a 45 year track record of innovation and providing quality solutions for laser power and energy measurement applications from the factory to the hospital and laboratory, Gentec-EO stands ready to serve you now and in the future.


As a former laser manufacturer, Gentec-EO knows the needs of its customers. In fact, its first laser energy measurement products were developed for internal use as the company put the first high repetition rate TEA CO2 lasers on the market in 1972. Gentec, Inc. introduced the first pyroelectric joulemeters shortly after that. Gentec, Inc. was also the first to manufacture both thermopile and pyroelectric laser power and energy detectors. In the mid-1990s, the company introduced the WB series (today known as the W5 and W9 series) with an average power density damage threshold of over 100 kW/cm2 that is still unrivalled today. In 2000, Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc. was formed from Gentec, Inc. so that it could focus entirely on thermal laser power and energy measurement. The acquisition, in 2010, of Spectrum Detector Inc. allowed to add measurement solutions for the new and rapidly expanding THz market, ultra-sensitive optical Joulemeters for applications down to femtojoules, instruments for pulse to pulse energy measurements up to 200 kHz and Optical TRAP detectors that act as primary calibration standards, to name a few.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Gentec-EO is committed to providing you the best NIST traceable measurements available anywhere. Furthermore, we will push the performance of our detectors to keep pace with you as you improve the performance of your lasers. We are also known as the first worldwide supplier of large aperture calorimeters to measure the highest pulse energies.

Thanks to our unique calorimeter technology and our ever-innovative approach, we have a strong presence in all the major inertial confinement laser fusion laboratories around the world.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

ISO Certified 9001:2008 Gentec-eo Te Lintelo SystemsAs of July 23rd 2013, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. The entire staff has put a lot of hard work to obtain this certification. The employees are all very proud of this accomplishment that was made possible through the dedication, rigor and team spirit characterizing the company.

ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognized standard that defines the requirements for a quality management system within a company. It is intended to help companies to continually improve their products, services and processes and to consistently meet customer’s requirements.



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