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Since 1985 Te Lintelo Systems represent prominent suppliers from all over the world for the Benelux countries with well-educated engineers, experience and knowledge.

Over the years we became the specialist in the field of Light metrology, opto-electronic equipment, Laser beam characterization and positioning, Optics, fiber optics and lasers products.
Together with our high end suppliers we have the answer for you.

Te Lintelo Systems is your reliable source and long term partner. Service on all levels is for us our daily business. Our team is fully equipped to assist you with finding your best optical business solution.

You can find the products by selecting the supplier or the kind of product your looking for.

Incase you can not find, give us a call so we can help you finding !

Photnics is our passion Te Lintelo Systems products

Photonics event Booth Te Lintelo Systems

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LightField V6.11 Out Now

LightField v6.11 out now

LightField v6.11.4 and PICam 5.8.4 are now available with several improvements. Improvements in LightField New Features: NIRvana HS now supported NIRvana HS - added 'star' defect blemish correction Improvements include:…

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The Vastness Of Astronomy

The Vastness of Astronomy

Astronomy covers an expansive range of scientific research, from the largest of celestial objects – the infamous black hole – to the smallest detectible objects – the subatomic neutrino. Current…

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