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Model 601 Multiport® SPF Testing 6 Output Solar Simulator

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Solar Light LogoSolar Light’s advanced Model 601 Multiport® SPF Testing Solar Simulator is the industry standard for high throughput SPF testing and dermatological studies. It produces UVA or UVA+B (290-400nm) from its 6 individual 8mm square outputs, each of which can be controlled separately. Up to 6 tests can be performed simultaneously in a short period of time, dramatically increasing lab productivity. The output intensity is rated up to 4 MEDs per minute, and can be controlled by the adjustment knobs on each port, as well as via the included XPS-300 power supply. The output is approximately 20 times the intensity of the sun, and simulates the ultraviolet spectrum of the sun with over 90% homogeneity.

solar light - Model 601 SPF 6 portA built-in locking Articulation Arm assures precise light guide placement on subjects. Solar Light Solar Simulators are used in 95% of SPF testing laboratories globally, and meet the latest ISO, FDA, JCIA, and COLIPA spectral irradiance standards. Everything required to begin testing is included with the 601 Multiport®: The 6-Port Simulator, DCS-2 Automated Dose Controller, NIST-Traceable PMA-Series SUV and UVA Sensors, Safety Glasses, and a starter pack of 100 disposable Hypoallergenic Placement Pads. An optional Point of Service Cart for the 601 Multiport® is available with 2 dimensional electronic actuators to allow accurate placement of the light guides, and includes a fixture to carry the power supply, a stand for the radiometer, and a desktop for note taking as shown.

U.S. Pat. 7,657,147


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    In Vitro Measurements of Sunscreen Performance
    • Very High (98%) Uniformity from Homogenized Output
    • Excellent Long-Term Stability
    • 6 Port Output Dramatically Reduces Test Time
    • Complies with FDA, JCIA, Australian and ISO Guidelines
    • Automatic Dose Control
    • Easy to Use Intensity and Uniformity Measurement System
    • Full System Supplied Ready to Use
    Follows the Distribution of Sunlight from 290 to 400nm
    300W Xenon Short Arc
    6 x 8mm
    110 or 220VAC, 50/60Hz
    Validated to the International Sun Protection Factor Test Method Standard 2003
    Igniter is used to ignite the xenon arc lamp
    Xenon Lamp
    Six liquid light guides each 19.7″ (50cm) long
    To choose between UV-A only and UV-A + UV-B spectrum
    Allowing 20″ (50cm) vertical adjustment
    For holding Liquid Light Guides firmly in position during tests
    For collimation and uniformity
    0-50°C (32 to 120 °F)
    21.8” (55cm) long without liquid light guides; 39” (99cm) long with liquid light guides.
    8 mm
    11lbs. (5.0kg)
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