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Solar Light

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Solar Light LogoSolar Light Company, Inc. has been providing research professionals with laboratory-grade solutions for the advancement of light sciences ever since we invented the world’s first Solar Simulator in 1967. The company is recognized worldwide as America’s premier manufacturer of Precision Light Sources, Light Measurement Instrumentation, UV Transmittance Analyzers, Meteorological Instrumentation, OEM Instrumentation, and over 135 different types of Sensors. We also provide a wide array of services, including accelerated UV materials testing, NIST-traceable spectroradiometric analyses, reflectance and spectral transmittance testing, and calibrations for light meters and light sources.

Solar Light is in the business of measuring the impact of environmental exposure. We believe that the societal risk and impact of environmental exposure is a long-term growth driver. Building on our 50 year heritage of measuring and understanding the impact of solar UV,  we provide a complete range of solutions from selling products for our customers to do their own measurements, to offering the services of measurement to our customers.

Our customers choose us because we enable them to have confident data in which to make specific decisions. We sell our solutions in a way that our customers feel that we (including our channel partners) are invested in their success and partnered with their journey, rather than being a mere transaction seller. To do this well, we have to have scientific understanding of our customers’ applications so that we can provide solutions for them to obtain better, more confident data. We are known as the industry expert which invests in driving the industry forward, to provide increasingly more effective and valuable tools to understand the impacts of environmental exposure on people, property and life.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

At Solar Light Company, Inc. we are motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our highly engineered products to find creative solutions to complex problems, develop breakthrough scientific advancements, and stay ahead of the technological curve. We run our business in much the same way. We maintain innovation as the focal point of our corporate mission, and strive to provide state of the art products and solutions that help our customers pioneer into the future.

Model 601 Multiport® SPF Testing 6 Output Solar Simulator Solar Light1000W UV LS1000-Series Solar Simulators


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