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21Nov 20

Newsflash – PrecisionFair 2020

- Newsflash - PrecisionFair 2020  - Update's - Webinars - Productnews -  Precision Fair 2020 This week is a strange week for us, as we would have been at the…

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10Oct 20

News letter – Autumn 2020

Newsflash - Autumn 2020 - Update's - Webinars - Productnews -  Autumn is coming, you are welcome for a cup coffee or tea! The last quarter of 2020 has started.…

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11Nov 19

Newsflash – Precision Fair  2019

Newsflash - Precision Fair  2019 -  Team Update I’m pleased to announce that Lars joined our team. He joined us in the middle of October, just before the busy November…

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16Jul 19

Newsflash – Summer edition 2019

Newsflash - Summer 2019 -  Newsflash Summer 2019 At the first day of rest in the Tour de France we would like to update you with some interesting products. With…

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19Jun 19

Newsflash – LASER World of PHOTONICS

Newsflash - LASER World of PHOTONICS Newsflash LASER World of PHOTONICS With LASER World of PHOTONICS on our footstep, companies are presenting their product releases and updates one by one.…

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26Mar 19

Newsflash Spring 2019

Newsflash - Spring 2019 Newsflash Spring 2019 We would like to update you on the following products with this newsflash! Smart Farming with NeoSpectra Super Fast Response Erbium Doped Fiber…

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06Jan 19

Newsflash – January – 2019

Newsflash - January - 2019 Best Wishes for 2019 As we are already a couple of days into 2019, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and…

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30Aug 18

Newsflash August 2018

  Newsflash - August - 2018 August 2018 update With the summer holidays behind us, we are looking forward to the last couple of months of 2018. With this newsflash…

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