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NewsFlash – Back To School ’22

Back to school – Product – Update's – Webinars – Product news – 

September has arrived, the schools have started and for most people the summer holidays are over. Back to work!

We at Te Lintelo Systems are excited for the 2nd half of 2022, with the Photonics Event from the Dutch Photonics Society coming up September 21st.

Next to this we have the Precision Fair scheduled for November, where we will be present at our booth, together with some of our suppliers.

Unfortunately we also have to say goodbye to Esther, who did work for our company for over 10 years at our customer service department. A lot of photonic parts passed her hands! We have to thank her for the enthusiastic help and spirit she brought with her. Without her help we would definitely not be at the place we are now.

We wish her lots of success in her new journey to become an official doctor’s assistant. May your dream come true. Good luck Esther! Back to School!

Stay Safe,

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading René, Brigitte, Matthijs, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

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Photonics Industries Int.Photonics Industries’ femtosecond lasers win 2022 LFW Innovators Award

Check out our latest video on the FS Series femtosecond laser: Photonics Industries ultrafast ruggedized lasers can withstand up to 3g of vibration while maintaining constant lasing and constant average power output, typical performance.

Photonics Industries’ FS Series femtosecond lasers offer the market the smallest, most compact, all-in-one (AIO) package coupled with high average powers (up to 100 W in IR, 55 W in GRN, 30 W in UV). In the ultrafast regime, the smaller fs pulse widths (~400 fs) expand applications still limited by ps or sub-ps pulse widths. The fs advantage spans from OLED processing (cutting, repair, etc.), to no-HAZ laser micromachining, and to nano/micro-structuring. Burgeoning research utilizing an industrial-type fs laser has also expanded the realm of many scientific applications.

photonics Industries Femto LaserLow, and variable fs pulse widths: < 350 fs to 20 ps specifiable range, high average powers: up to 100 W in a wide range of wavelengths: 1030 nm, 515 nm, 343 nm and 257 nm option on request are all available with an excellent TEM00 beam with typical M2 ~1.2

The smallest, most compact, AIO (i.e., no separate laser controller unit, utility module or umbilical cable needed) new revolutionary packaging has a smaller form factor and higher performance compared to other fs laser competitors on the market: 1/3 to 1/2 the volumetric size of leading competitors.

Pulse repetition rates range from single shot to 2 MHz, with option up to 40 MHz for processing at highest throughput with polygon scanners. The user-friendly control interface allows Total Pulse Control and Burst Mode operation, where a user selectable number of pulses with adjustable incremental separation and programable amplitude can be released in an envelope, further enabling ablation rate increases on many materials.

With adjustable repetition rate, the user can change the operating PRF and change the operating power or pulse energy through PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control) function on the fly to maximize process flexibility.

Contact Ruud or Matthijs to learn more!

Teledyne Princeton InstrumentsCOSMOS 66 Megapixel Large-Array Camera

Princeton Instruments COSMOS 66 Megapixel Large-Array Cameras for Astronomy Available to Order!

The deeply cooled , supercharged by the next generation of (large area CMOS image sensor technology), is here to help astronomers peer deep into the universe. The camera provides unprecedented performance—up to 81 mm x 81 mm imaging area, back side illuminated (BSI) technology, sub electron read noise and >90% peak quantum efficiency.

The CMOS camera, now available to order, is designed for mission-critical operations and delivers performance required by cutting-edge astronomy applications such as low orbital object tracking, exoplanet characterization, time-domain astronomy, and more.

“CMOS designs have a parallel readout architecture for high-image rates,” explains Jason McClure, chief technology officer of Princeton Instruments. “The charge-to-voltage conversion takes place at each individual pixel, allowing read-out nodes on every column of the sensor to operate simultaneously.”

Teledyne’s lightweight, thermally stable, maintenance-accessible camera for ground-based telescopes is enabled by our world-class engineers and expertise in design and integration of all components of astronomy cameras including sensor, electronics, cooling system, data transfer and software.

“The COSMOS camera with 66, 42, and 10-megapixels sensors will enable advancements in astronomy, and open paths for further commercialization of large area CMOS by other industries,” says Ravi Guntupalli, vice president and general manager of Teledyne Scientific Camera group. “We’re excited to provide a powerful imaging solution that both drives innovation and expands exploration of our universe.”

Teledyne’s Commitment to Space and Ground-based Astronomy Innovation.

As the market for space and ground-based astronomy technologies continues to grow, Teledyne is leveraging its advanced sensor and camera expertise in unique ways to offer complete end-to-end solutions that enrich our customers’ lives. These solutions span from the James Webb infrared deep-field imaging telescope to the development of payload subsystems for communication satellites, to extremely broad-spectrum, and cooling technologies that enable deep space exploration. With our global footprint we can easily lend our expertise to observatories, educational institutions, and researchers around the world.

Contact us for pricing and info!

Gooch and HousegoWhat's The Best Way To Modulate My Laser Beam – AOM Or EOM?

Gooch and Housego Crystals Choosing the right laser beam, in terms of performance, cost, and reliability, can be daunting, especially for those not familiar with the technologies. In this paper, G&H discusses basic operating principles of the two most common modulator technologies, providing clear guidance on how to understand product specifications, and learn to identify the products that suit your specific needs.

Contact Ruud for more info!


Piezosystem Jena

Welcome to René Turk

Please let René Turk, our new member of the Customer Service Department introduce him self;

As of July 2022 I am the newest member of the Backoffice Support Team.
Please feel free to contact me for all issues regarding logistics, administration and invoicing.

Throughout my career, I have worked in several international spider-in-the-web-jobs in: production, logistics and transport. I have a customer driven personality and I am happy to help out wherever I can. Real problems often do not exist, I will always aim for solutions and I do not give up easily. My keywords are: patience, born listener, multi lingual and creativity.


Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

New ScaleResolution, repeatability and accuracy in micro motion systems

Resolution, accuracy, and repeatability: What do these terms mean when describing micro motion systems? And what about "precision?"

Resolution, repeatability, and accuracy in micro motion systems

Understanding these terms will help you get the performance you need without unnecessary cost, complexity, and development time. Here's a quick review.

Read the full article here! Or ask Matthijs or Ruud for more information!


BTS Solar -UV Spectroradiometer

Solar BTS-Solar - BTS2048-UV-S-WPLook at our new drone flight video  and check out the BTS-Solar – UV Spectroradiometer on Sun tracker for direct solar irradiance measurement and TOC determination >> and the BTS2048-UV-S-WP our Spectroradiometer ideal for high precision outdoor UV measurements

Contact us for more info!



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