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Quantum Light Instruments, Ltd. (legal name is UAB “Quantum Light Instruments”) is privately owned limited liability company located in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania.

The company was founded in 2014 by laser scientists and engineers with more than 40 years accumulated experience in lasers and photonics industry.

We are designing and producing compact, diode-pumped, air-cooled (and water-free!), passively or actively Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state lasers and accessories for them (harmonics generators, OPOs, Raman shifters, attenuators, energy monitors, fiber couplers etc.).

We are focusing on bringing DPSS laser technology into types of applications that require pulse energy up 200 mJ at relatively low pulse repetition rates (typically in the range of 10-100 Hz).

QLI key innovation is water-free laser crystal cooling technology combined with laser diode end-pumping. Absence of water resulted in single box, compact, user-friendly turnkey laser that requires little maintenance. There are no chillers or bulky power supplies that one needs to fit under the table. The only external module is mains adapter.

Our harmonics generators are producing deep UV radiation down to 211 or 213 nm. Q-TUNE series Optical Parametric Oscillators can provide tunable wavelength output in 210-4500 nm range.

Quantum Light Instruments, Ltd. is a market-driven company. We listen to what our customers are saying and do our best to deliver solutions that meet and exceed expectations. No request is too small – we are happy to respond to all inquiries and will provide our best support to modify and fine-tune our lasers for most demanding applications.

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