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F-Theta Lenses & Beam Expanders

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For high-precision Laser Material Processing

Increased requirements on quality and efficiency of laser applications (such as drilling, dicing, fine cutting, structuring, perforating, marking, and texturing) demand well-designed beam delivery systems from laser source to workpiece.
Jenoptik meets those demands with its JENar™ F-Theta scan lenses and its series of beam expanders.

Beam Expanders from JENOPTIKTo enable a wide variety of applications, the JENar™ lenses cover a wide spectral bandwidth, ranging from wavelength in the UV at 266 nm and 355 nm, over VIS at 532 nm to IR at 1064 nm. Based on increasing quality and throughput requirements, both telecentric as well as wide angle lenses are needed.

To meet the requirements of state-of-the-art laser material processing Jenoptik offers a product line of completely fused silica F-Theta lenses for high-power laser material processing applications. Those JENar™ Silverline™ F-Theta lenses feature low-absorbing fused silica elements and coatings and provide very high damage thresholds and minimal thermal focus shift up to four kilowatts without active cooling.

All Jenoptik lenses pass through an applicative final acceptance testing procedure. This ensures diffraction limited performance as well as highly uniform performance throughout series production, allowing precise imaging for highly accurate micro and macro material processing.

To support process development on customer’s side, Jenoptik provides standardized Zemax BlackBox files, interface drawings, 3D step files, and reflex position data.
Furthermore, development and testing of customerspecific systems are available


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