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Spectroradiometry; Measurement of the solar spectrum, solar simulator or an energy-saving lamp: precise array and scanning spectroradiometers determine illuminance and radiant power over a wide spectral range from UV to IR.

Instrument Systems supplies technically refined test & measurement systems to meet all requirements in spectroradiometry and photometry, e.g. measurements of the solar spectrum, from a solar simulator or at an energy-saving lamp. These measurement systems are calibrated using standards that are based on PTB (Germany) or NIST (USA) reference standards.

Spectro_320DMAS 40 spectrometer Instrument SystemsSpectroradiometry & Photometry

Instrument Systems recommends the following spectrometers for precise spectroradiometric measurements:

  • The CAS 140CT Array Spectrometer is ideal for taking measurements at flash lamps and solar simulators. Different models cover the spectral range from 200 to 2150 nm.
  • The CAS 120 is a new series of the proven CCD Array Spectrometers from Instrument Systems and presents an appealing solution for cost-sensitive applications like LED production and quality assurance. Although costs have been reduced, technical innovations deliver even higher levels of reliability and robustness. The CAS 120 complies with the high requirements for measuring accuracy and versatile application without any compromises.
  • The Spectro 320 scanning spectrometer is supplied as a single or double monochromator and is ideal for applications that require a large dynamic range and very low stray light (e.g. UV-B measurements). This spectrometer also allows a broad spectral range from 190 to 5000 nm to be analyzed in a single scan.

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