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Light Measurement Products

We at Te Lintelo Systems offer you a full range of Light Measurement tools, from relative simple handmeter to in-line full automatic LED inspection system, from deep-UV to Infrared. Select one of the measurement techniques to see the instruments according to the measurement task.

SSL measurementLed Metrology Light MeasurementSpectroradiometry & Photometry

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Light measurement products

Ready to go 532nm Raman Kit

Together with our partners Wasatch Photonics, LASOS and Laservision we deloped a ready to go raman kit. We combine the knowledge of raman spectrometers from Wasatch with the just release…

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Hypermonochromator for EQ-99X Energetiq

Hyperchromator highly efficient monochromator for LDLS The Hypermonochromator is a high throughput monochromator originally designed for the Energetiq EQ-99X LDLS. With fast optics, up to f/1.5, it efficiently collects the…

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