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PI-MTE In-Vacuum Cameras

Princeton InstrumentsPrinceton Instruments, the world’s leading developer and supplier of ultra-low-noise, deep-cooled scientific CCD cameras, is proud to offer our popular PI-MTE series for in-vacuum x-ray imaging and spectroscopy applications.

NEW! PI-MTE3 – Large-format, in-vacuum cameras with up to 4k x 4k sensor formats

PI-MTE3 cameras provide the following key features:

  • PI-MTE3 products Princeton InstrumentsBack-illuminated CCDs, with up to 4k x 4k resolution and without antireflective coating
  • Sensitivity in the x-ray energy range from ~10 eV to 30 KeV
  • 100% in-vacuum testing, including cables and cooling tubes
  • High frame rates with multi-port, 16 MHz effective readout
  • Lowest dark current for long integration time
  • Advanced thermal design for 24/7 operation in-vacuum
  • Full experiment control via optional LightField software

Breakthrough In-Vacuum Performance

PI-MTE3 in-vacuum CCD cameras are engineered for direct detection in VUV, EUV, and x-ray imaging applications from ~10 eV to 30 keV.

The back-illuminated CCDs (large 2k x 2k or 4k x 4k formats) utilized by the PI-MTE3 platform offer >95% peak quantum efficiency. Efficient liquid cooling results in low dark current, facilitating long integration times.

Due to their four-port readout architecture, these low-noise, 16-bit cameras provide frame rates up to 7x to 10x higher than previous-generation two-port cameras.

PI-MTE3 QE-curve-sm-350Sensitivity in X-ray energy range from < 30 eV to ~20 keV:

  • Well suited for a wide variety of soft x-ray spectroscopy and imaging applications
  • X-ray microscopy, x-ray plasma diagnostics, coherent x-ray diffraction imaging
  • EUV lithography, and x-ray holography

PI-MTE3 chip-formats-750-lgPI-MTE3 Large Format Sensors

  • Large-format, back-illuminated sensors
  • 2048 x 2048 and 4096 x 4096 resolution CCD sensor formats
  • >95% peak quantum efficiency in the 10 eV to 30 keV range

PI-MTE3-SOPHIA-XO-readoutPI-MTE3 – Ultra-flexible performance:

  • Flexible multiple-readout-port design for capturing even ultrafast events
  • 4-port, 2-port, or 1-port readout; custom sensor readout; and kinetic readout
  • 3.2 fps at 16 MHz (PI-MTE3 2048B)
  • Complete triggering support
  • Independently optimized clocking for each combination

MTE3-frame-rate-tables-lg-800PI-MTE3 – Highest frame rates:

  • ~3 full fps @ 2k x 2k resolution
  • Up to 7x to 10x higher than previous generation
  • Thermal design to efficiently dissipate heat from electronics. Required for continuous operation without the need to shut down the camera periodically

PI-MTE3 vacuum-system100% In-vacuum testing:

  • Every camera system tested in-vacuum
  • Testing includes cables and cooling tubes
  • 24/7 in-vacuum operation: 10-9 Torr

Princeton Instruments - LightField softwarePowerful LightField software (optional):

  • Powerful, intuitive user interface provides complete control of PI cameras
  • Built-in math engine to analyze image and spectral data in real-time
  • Universal programming interface – PICAM (64 bit) – for easy custom programming
  • Seamless integration of hardware controls and direct data acquisition into National Instruments’ LabVIEW, MathWorks’ MATLAB and EPICS synchrotron software
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