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An educational platform to teach up-to-date technologies in nonlinear optics, ultra-short pulse generation and laser amplifications

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supercontinium applied research setupSince their first theoretical description by Albert Einstein, lasers have become one of the most powerful and multi-applicable tools of our time. The steady ongoing industrial development in the areas of telecommunication, medical technologies, material processing and the multiplicity of measurement tasks shows the need for a hand-in-hand development in the educational sector. The most effective approach to progress academic education in the right direction is the collaboration of educational establishments with leading companies. The newly developed lab course platform is the result of such a joint venture.

The new and innovative educational platform focuses on the utilization of a wide spectrum of applications for fiber based laser systems and integrates them into academic lab courses. The issues of how these lasers are driven, the interaction of their operating parameters, the consequence to their operational states and the correct characterization of these systems are the main educational goals.

According to these goals, four experiments were designed and cover a broad spectrum of educational aspects:

A passively mode-locked fs-laser,

one of the shortest events ever created by mankind [Download Specsheet]

A supercontinuum-source,

the creation of light brighter than the sun [Download Specsheet]

A dispersion measuring setup,

to understand how the speed of light is influenced by materials and how it is useful [Download Specsheet]

A Master-Oscillator Power Amplifier,

when you need more power [Download Specsheet]

Together these four experiments give the opportunity to connect the theory of actual industrial and fundamental
research topics with hands-on experience in academic lab courses.

supercontinium applied research setup


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