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Fall 2022- Product – Updates – Webinars – Product news

Fall 2022 – Product – Update’s – Webinars – Product news – 

Time flies by as already a month of the autumn season has passed, resulting in leaves turning brown and days getting shorter.

For us this marks the time when our yearly tradeshow event, the precision fair is getting close.
Herewith we are pleased to invite you to visit us at our booth, at “De Brabanthallen”, on the 16th and 17th of November.

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Enjoy reading René, Brigitte, Matthijs, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

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TELEDYNE Princeton InstrumentsTriVista – High-Resolution Double and Triple Spectrometers

Gooch and Housego Crystals TriVista spectrometers are 2-stage or 3 stage spectrographs designed for demanding spectroscopy applications in material science, chemistry and life science. It is the most versatile and customizable spectroscopy platform for Raman, photoluminescence, resonance Raman and fluorescence.

Explore the applications and how the TriVista’s features benefit your spectroscopy experiments.

  • 200 – 2200 mm operation
  • >3 picometers spectral resolution
  • Extreme stray light rejection
  • Multiple entrance and exit slits
  • Flexible for use in single, double and triple stage operation

Watch the webinar from Princeton Instruments and learn more!

Contact Roland for more info!

FYLA SupercontiiumIceblink – Super Continuum Laser

FYLA ICEBLINK Super ContinumIceblink is a supercontinuum fiber laser covering the 450-2300 nm spectral range with over 3W of average power and superior stability (<0.5% std. dev.). It is a very versatile white light source with a world of applications in the scientific and industrial sectors, including absorption/transmission measurements for material characterization, VIS, NIR and IR spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy and fluorescence excitation.

The spatial coherence and broad spectrum of Iceblink makes it a great alternative to a classic lamp, single-line lasers, LEDs and ASE sources.

Contact Ruud or Monique to learn more!

OwisApplicationreport: setup for the determination of atomic distances


owis setupAt the TU Berlin, Prof. Dr. Birgit Kanngiesser‘s “Analytical X-ray Physics“ group succeeded in developing a method that efficiently uses the light of an X-ray tube and directs it to a detector with little loss of brilliance. This allows measurements for the determination of atomic distances to be carried out even in smaller laboratories. OWIS positioning systems simplify the handling decisively.

Read the full article here! Or ask Matthijs or Ruud for more information!


Displacement-angle differential interferometer captures multiple degrees of freedom

Currently, used measurement methods in industrial manufacturing are reaching the limits of what is technically feasible. SIOS experts develop high-precision measurement technology to precisely determine positioning or surface modifications with tolerances in the nanometer or even picometer range, for example.

sios Displacement-angle differential interferometer captures multiple degrees of freedomWith the same requirements for measurement accuracy, it makes no significant difference whether a measurement is made in a minimal space over the smallest distances on a wafer or over a distance of several meters on large objects. In addition, the complexity of measurement tasks increases, such as position control of x-y tables, measurements of thermal material expansion, investigations of creep and drift behavior of objects, refractive index measurements, high-precision length and angle measurements, and many more.
High-precision measurements in clean rooms and vacuum chambers or the use of high-precision measurement technology in the often harsh industrial environment pose special challenges for today’s measurement technology specialists. Here, for example, factors such as changing thermal and physical environmental influences, ensuring the stable repeatability of multiple measurements, but also requirements from industrial mass production, effectiveness, investment volume and cost-effectiveness count.

The increasing demand for suitable solutions challenged the innovative power and know-how of the SIOS specialists. The result is a unique solution: the displacement-angle differential interferometer.
The developers succeeded in combining the technical advantages of the differential laser interferometer SP 5000 DI and the triple beam interferometer SP 5000 TR in a new measuring instrument. The displacement-angle differential interferometer SP 5000 DI-TR is specially designed to meet the increasing demands of the manufacturing industry described above. With the displacement-angle differential interferometer it is possible to perform long-term stable simultaneous measurements of several degrees of freedom at the same time, even over longer distances, by compensating for environmental factors.

Contact Matthijs for more info!

Gentec-eoTip: 7 Laser Calculators from Gentec-EO

These free-to-use online tools require no registration and are there to help you quickly calculate or convert common laser beam parameters. If you work with lasers, make sure to bookmark this page because these calculators could save you a lot of time in the future!

Gentec calculator example

  • Wavelnegth and frequency
  • average power and power density
  • peak power and peak power dencity
  • energy denscity and fluence
  • aperture transmission
  • beam differgence and transmission
  • spotsize and beamwaist

Click here to get straight to these practical tools.



Meet us at Precision Fair 2022

precision fair

The annual meeting point for precision technology

The world is changing fast. Production processes and machines must work faster and more efficiently. Trends such as miniaturization are continuously developing. Therefore, the demands on systems and components are rising. At the Precision Fair, you will find all the knowledge needed to design, produce and assemble at the highest level and according to the highest quality requirements.

Meet us and our partners on our booth:

LASOS HeNe, ArIon, DPSS, Diode lasersbanner_logo_jenoptik te lintelo systemsSIOSbanner_small_logo_piezosystem_jena

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

OZ OpticsPolarization Entangled Photon Sources

OZ OZ Optics has developed a line of polarization entangled photon sources to support the growing field of quantum information science. These sources are room temperature, non-linear optics type photon pair sources based on poled crystal technology and poled fiber technology that support all of the common phase matching scenarios. They are offered in OEM, benchtop and rackmount configurations and cover a broad wavelength range extending from the near infrared through to the short-wave infrared. Each source can be further customized for niche applications.

Ask Monique or Roland for more information!


Synchronized multichannel lock-in measurement system

SynkTek MCL1-540The MCL1-540 is a compact multichannel lock-in amplifier measurement system which can make complex AC and DC measurements on up to ten different analog signals. In addition it can generate excitation signals to drive the experiment, as well as measure the current delivered by these signals. It is therefore ideally suited to making direct impedance measurements on samples such as superconductors or in material analysis, as well as for use in optical, calorimetric, AC susceptibility, and many other experiments.

OZ Optics - Te Lintelo SystemsPrinceton Instruments - Te Lintelo SystemsGentec-eo parters for accuracy LASOS world of photonics - Te Lintelo Systems piezosystemjena Owis Gigahertz-Optik - Te Lintelo Systems Eksma Optics - Te Lintelo Systems JenOptik LogoPhotonics Industries Lasers - Te Lintelo SystemsSIOS Messtechnik GmbH - Te Lintelo SystemsGooch and Housego - Te Lintelo SystemsNewScale TechnologiesLaserVision - Te Lintelo Systems Mountain Photonics Manx - Te Lintelo Systems Iradion Ceramic Core CO2 LasersCLYDE-Hyper-Spectral-Imaging - Te Lintelo SystemsNireos Hyperspectral camerasAttonics Systems - Te Lintelo SystemsPhoton EtcSolar Light -Te Lintelo Systems Quantum Light InstrumentsDiode Laser Concepts - Te Lintelo SystemsCorning Varioptic LensesAndover Cooperation - Te Lintelo Systems OSI optoElectronics - Te Lintelo SystemsMaxee 3d by SAC VisionIsteqsalvo technologyFiberware - Te Lintelo Systems


We look forward to supply you with all the information and material you need and answer any question.
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