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CODIXX started the production of a new family of dichroic glass-polarizers in 2002. The manufacturing plant is located in Barleben near Magdeburg. Since the end of 2002 the company is dedicated to development, production and marketing of dichroic glass polarizers, distributed worldwide under the trade name colorPol®. Based on a special technology for production and treatment of nanoparticles in glass, CODIXX manufactures high-quality polarizers for ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral range.
An excellent flexibility of the colorPol® technology allows for the production of customized polarizers meeting demands for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs.

colorPol polarizers

colorPol® polarizers are dichroic glass polarizers, made from a highly durable soda-lime glass containing silver nanoparticles. Like all dichroic polarizers they let the desired polarized light pass and absorb the unwanted polarization. Different types of polarizers are available to suit a wide field of applications operating at UV wavelength range (340 nm – 420 nm) and VIS, NIR and MIR wavelength range (475 nm – 5.0 μm).

All polarizers can be processed like glass or silicon wafers, while being thin like foil polarizers. UV radiation and most chemicals cause no damage. They have a large acceptance angle of ± 20° and a high accuracy of polarization axis.

Due to the special manufacturing process, colorPol® polarizers can be highly customized to match your application perfectly.

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