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High Quality, Purity and Performance Dyes

For about 50 years Exciton has excelled in the design and production of high purity and high performance dyes.

Our expertise includes Narrow Band Visible and Infrared Absorber dyes for optical filters, Fluorescent and the closely-related Laser dyes.

We are proud to announce the opening of our new laboratory in Columbus, Ohio.

We have two laboratories, both with floor mounted hoods for manufacturing and benchtop hoods for product development, along with new reactors and equipment to perform exacting chemistry.

In addition is our new Quality Assurance laboratory with state of the art spectroscopic instruments to certify that our products meet our high standards.

Exciton is a part of Luxottica, the leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear.

Our Expertise

Traditional and Modern Synthesis Techniques
Multi-Steps Approach (1-5 steps)
Batch Manufacturing (from 1 to 100 L)
Design & Manufacturing of High Purity Dyes
Design & Manufacturing of High Heat and Light Stable Dyes
Design & Manufacturing of Highly Soluble Dyes
Design of specific Wavelength and Peak Shape Dyes
Dye Tuning to 1 nm possible

Engineering Solutions

Provide Engineering Solutions to our customers
Process Scale-Up
Continuous Internal Process Improvement
MAX Yield & Conversion; MIN Waste & Time

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