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As a spin-off from the National University of Singapore, Attonics Systems has revolutionised high-end spectroscopy by converting the complex design of conventional spectrometers into a single chip – a break-through innovation with unparalleled benefits to the market!

Following many years of intensive research, Attonics Systems was founded in 2015 by a group of international engineers, with the mission to bridge the seemingly unsurmountable gap between high-end spectroscopy and the growing demands for intuitive, mobile and affordable sensing solutions across various industries.

Leveraging on the concept and superiority of high-end Fourier Transform spectrometers, Attonics Systems transformed research-grade spectroscopy by means of a patented interferometer chip that allows for high-resolution, real-time spectral sensing in a miniature form factor.

Various government grants, corporate and public funding, as well as a suite of patents granted in the US, Europe and Asia are a testimony to the unique technology and competitive edge of Attonics Systems.

With our Headquarters, R&D and Manufacturing in Singapore and a team of highly experienced engineers at our European representative office in Germany, we personally guide and support our international partners from solution development to After-Sales and Service.

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