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For almost a decade ÄPRE has been manufacturing surface and wavefront interferometers to advance the optical industry.

ÄPRE Beginnings:

ÄPRE was formed on June 19, 2013, the company has been growing rapidly ever since. The founders are engineers and scientists, deeply experienced in the application, design, manufacture, and sales of interferometer products. We have collectively held key leadership positions in RD&E and sales and marketing at Zygo® (now AMETEK®), 4D Technologies, Wyko/Veeco, Tropel (now Corning®), and ESDI/Mahr® with over 120 years combined experience. ÄPRE is growing by adding sales, RD&E and manufacturing talent with equally deep roots in the industry to strengthen the company beyond the founders to be able to meet the growing needs of the optics industry.

ÄPRE Mission:

The mission at ÄPRE is to provide our customers with the measurement tools needed to meet their demanding requirements while making their job less stressful and lowering overall production costs. We achieve this goal by providing state-of-the-art surface and wavefront interferometers, service, support, and consulting regarding interferometer usage and applications.

ÄPRE markets served

ÄPRE is focused solely on the optical manufacturing industry. This includes materials, component manufacture, system alignment, and system final test. We are an active driver in the global optics revolution that is transforming our daily lives in communications, life sciences, aerospace, security, commercial electronics, and entertainment.

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