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Te Lintelo Systems offers with their technical expertise a wide range of optical components.

An extensive portfolio of our optical components product line includes: coatings, mirrors, lenses, laser windows, optical prisms, polarizing optics, UV and IR optics, optical filters.

Complete assortment of optical-components enables to find solution for various laser applications.

We offer custom optical-components for almost all applications according to your specific needs, virtual everything is possible call us to discuss your specific need!

optical_materials_icon.jpg Optical Materials     Optical Components Mirrors  Coatings

mirrors (1).jpg Dielectric Mirrors     metallic_mirrors.jpg Metallic Mirrors

windows.jpg  Laser Windows       lenses-1.jpg  Lenses

optical_filters.jpg  Optical Filters          optical_prisms (2).jpg Optical Prisms

 Polarizing Optics     UV and IR Optics

The range of products we provide you includes:
• Plano optics, like; windows, filters [colour glass, interference]
• mirrors [flat, spherical, aspherical, ellipsoidal, parabolic, free form]
• Prisms [Triple, Corner Cubes, Penta, Reflection, Porro, Dove]
• Beam splitters [polarizing, non-polarizing]
• Spherical optics; singlets, doublets, triplets, achromats, cylindric
• Aspherical lenses
• Toroids
• Special types [gradient index, arrays, laser optics]
• Polarizing Optics [Glan-Taylor, Glan-Thomson, Rochon, Wollaston, Brewster, Retardation Plates]
• Domes
• Moulded Glass Optics
• Custom Fiber Optics

We are working with a hugh range of materials, including:
• optical glass from following manufactures / brands [Schott, Ohara, Desag, Pilkington]
• Fused Silica
• Crystalline Optics like Quartz, Sapphire and others
• Metal Optics [Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel]

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