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NewsFlash Spring 2022

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Laser Munich took place.

We as your Te Lintelo Team were excited to be able to participate again and see the new products, applications and developments in the world of photonics.

After some troubles with our flights towards Munich, which caused us to miss day 1 of the show, we were able to make up for it by participating with a 4 man squad the remaining 3 days.

Days full of meetings, trainings and reconnecting with the community, we hadn’t seen for almost 2 years. It really was a blast.

Curious which new products, suppliers and developments we have come across? Keep on reading.  

Stay Safe,

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Esther, Brigitte, Matthijs, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

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NireosNIREOS, Interferometers, FT Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral cameras

We are proud to have added the relative young Italian company NIREOS to our product line, they are an official spin-off of Politecnico di Milano University and recognized as startup.

Incorporated in 2018, NIREOS manufactures high-performance devices for spectroscopy. The product portfolio features an ultra-compact interferometer for FT spectroscopy (GEMINI), hyperspectral cameras (in the visible and infrared range, HERA models), and an amplified broadband photodetector (SPIDER), which embeds a 24-bit ADC.

The solutions provided by NIREOS are employed in different applications in the scientific and in the industrial field, ranging from spectroscopy labs to the agri-food industry, from cultural heritage to plastic sorting, from remote sensing to biology, from microscopy to vegetation studies.

NIREOS is known as a trusted partner offering high quality products and support.

Contact Ruud or Roland to learn more.

PCR Fluorescence Sensor Evaluation Kit

PCR Fluorescence Sensor Evaluation KitAs point-of-care (POC) molecular diagnostics transforms medicine by bringing sophisticated diagnostic testing to the patient, the need for compact optical and detection technologies is increasing. Highly integrated multispectral sensors fill this niche well, reducing the complexity, footprint, and cost of OEM instrumentation significantly. In contrast to the full spectrum acquired by a spectrometer, a multispectral sensor collects data only at the wavelength bands of most interest to the application. By integrating filtering and detection into monolithic elements in an array of up to 8 channels, the breakthrough PixelSensor™ multispectral sensor from PIXELTEQ is poised to offer even greater multispectral detection efficiency in a package the size of a fingernail.

PIXELTEQ’s PCR Sensor is a ready-to-use compact sensor specifically tailored for detecting common fluorescence in PCR reactions. In this 9x9mm array we have packed the capability to detect 4 different fluorescence signals simultaneously in one optical path.

Different wavelength setups are custom made to make your application covered!

Contact us for pricing and info!

Iradion Ceramic Core CO2 LasersWe added the C02 lasers from Iradion to cover this flavour.

Iradion Laser, Inc. was founded in 2007 to design and produce a new and innovative commercial RF excited CO2 laser based on ceramic core laser tube design. The ceramic core laser tube concepts were originally developed for demanding military applications by the founder of Iradion Laser, Inc., Cliff Morrow.

Ceramic CorePrior to the founding of Iradion Laser, Inc., operations at our current facility began in 2001 where a compact food and drug laser-coding system was developed and produced, based on a new and very small and folded 10-watt ceramic core laser. Since then, the RF excited CO2 laser with a ceramic core concept has been continually improved and refined, and is the core of Iradion’s technology.

Today, Iradion Laser, Inc.’s RF excited CO2 laser is available with powers of 25 to 250 watts:

Applications include laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser coding, laser drilling, Medical, and Semiconductor.

Contact us for pricing and info!

Piezosystem Jena

Optical inter-satellite communication with piezo fine steering mirrors

Laser communication technology is becoming widely implemented in space and offers significantly more speed, higher bandwidth, and more secure data. This is all made possible with piezo-based fast-steering mirrors which guarantee high performance, and accuracy combined with low energy consumption.Piezo Mirror Tilting System PKS 1 Piezosystem Jena

  • Fast triple actuator tilting platform for piezo mirror & other components up to 50 mm in diameter
  • Different tilting angles for piezo steering mirror
  • Plus/minus tilting
  • kHz resonant frequency
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Additional z-axis piston movement
  • Optional position feedback sensor
  • Space application tested
  • Can be combined with other translation systems

Have a closer look here on this YouTube movie!

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

GentecMiro Altitude out for delivery !

We are happy to announce, Gentec-EO launches MIRO ALTITUDE, its new top-of-the-line laser power and energy display device, today.

The much-anticipated MIRO ALTITUDE is now available for purchase worldwide.

This new laser beam measurement instrument is designed to help engineers and service technicians increase their productivity thanks to numerous new features in both hardware and software.

Michel Giroux, CEO of Gentec-EO, says “We are happy to finally launch MIRO ALTITUDE today. We have been listening to our customers and carefully identified the latest needs in the laser industry and we believe MIRO ALTITUDE is the answer the market has been waiting for. With MIRO, our customers have access to more laser beam measurement functions than ever before in a super strong and durable device that makes fantastic uses of modern technologies.”

Gentec-EO’s customers can increase their productivity by using MIRO ALTITUDE for their laser power and energy measurement thanks to an intuitive user interface, an extra large screen, tons of connectivity possibilities, 3 convenient display modes, a built-in dataviewer and a built-in file manager.

This new display device becomes the company’s flagship instrument, which they aim to continually improve and provide free software updates to all customers. So that they not only measure with Gentec-EO accuracy, but also do it in a way that optimizes their productivity. Many new functions are already planned for update in the coming year. Have a closer look here!

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