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Newsflash 2022

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Happy New Year,

We are already in our second week of 2022 and trust you and your relatives had some well-deserved downtime.
Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2022!

Going into 2022, I’m happy to inform you we welcome 2 new colleagues to our team;

Please meet our new team member Matthijs, who joins us in our mission to serve our Photonics customers even better.
With his background in Mechanical Engineering, we expand our knowledge in the field of (nano) positioning and motion.

Like Ruud and myself, Matthijs is ready to visit you and discuss your Photonic challenges.
We will comply to the Covid rules and guidelines, your company enforces. Please just let us know before a visit.

With Brigitte Nelissen our customer support team will be expanded!

Photonics West
With Photonics West around the corner we are on the doorstep to new product releases and updates, which are traditionally presented by the companies present at the show. Te Lintelo Systems will attend the show and will update you early February on this by our newsflash. You can also stay up to date by our Blog or follow us on Linkedin.

Stay Safe,

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Esther, Brigitte, Matthijs, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

Te Lintelo Systems Team - At Your Service

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GentecAll-new laser power and energy display device coming in 2022 at Gentec-EO

Gentec-EO’s team has been actively working on a new laser power and energy display device named MIRO ALTITUDE in the past year. The product is expected to be available in early 2022, but no exact date was shared with the public yet.

While the company has not been vocal about the device specifications so far, the expectations are high.

MIRO by Gentec-EO“Our users have requested several key features and functions for some time. Everyone at Gentec-EO is really excited about this opportunity to step up our product line with this new top-of-the-line laser power and energy display device that will fit the needs of even the most demanding users in this fast-moving market of laser systems.” says Stéphane Galibois, VP of Sales & Marketing at Gentec-EO.

Galibois then adds that “Gentec-EO’s customers can expect MIRO ALTITUDE to be definitely more of a revolution than an evolution from Gentec-EO’s current display devices offering as well as anything available on the market”.

The last time Gentec-EO released a display device was in 2011 with MAESTRO. At that time, MAESTRO was a disruptive product in the laser beam measurement industry and it has been a best-seller in this product line ever since. While it is still a very good product for most customers right now, we also need to adapt to our customers’ evolving needs and take advantage of new technologies to supercharge our products with features and functions not possible before.

Gentec-EO already announced that MAESTRO will remain available for purchase for quite some time and will continue supporting it for many years.

Manx Precision OpticsWaveplates up to 5” (127mm) diameter

Waveplates Manx Precision OpticsUtilising our highly experienced staff know-how, advanced metrology, accurate thickness & parallelism control, coupled with excellent surface quality and transmitted wavefront ability, MPO can now offer large aperture, high energy waveplates up to 5” (127mm) in diameter.

For full capabilities have a look at

Contact us for pricing and info!

PiezosystemjenaOEM Solutions by piezosystem jena


About 80 percent of piezosystem jena’s business is in supplying industry customers with positioning solutions on a large scale. Almost all these solutions are highly customized or even developed and build from the scratch.
Why should you choose piezosystem jena for an OEM solution?

  •     intensive study of requirements and feasibility plus extensive consultation pre-project, incl. concept with all target specifications, process modeling and project milestones
  •     State-of-the-Art design and/or customization of piezo actuators, piezo stages and piezo amplifiers
  •     standardized process for production after development, modeled according to extremely high quality standards of semiconductor industry
  •     special calibration of all system components for best performance
  •     cost-effective manufacturing of large scale product lines
  •     close and discrete cooperation with customers
  •     institutionalized feedback to further ensure constant, high quality
  •     over 25 years of experience in supplying industry customers

Every design by piezosystem jena can be customized to OEM requirements. Even completely new systems, build from the ground up, are possible.
Industries we supply with OEM grade positioning solutions:

  •     Semiconductor
  •     Optics
  •     Energy
  •     3D Printing
  •     Mechanical Engineering
  •     Among many others

You want to learn more? Just contact our technical sales team for a free consultation.

WelchAllynEnd of Manufacture (EoM) Notification Welch Allyn® Precision Based Halogen Lamps

Hillrom™ is announcing the End of Manufacture of all Welch Allyn Precision Based OEM/Industrial Halogen Lamps.

FROM THIS DATE FORWARD, ONLY NON-CANCELLABLE LAST TIME BUY (LTB) PURCHASE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Deadline for submission of LTB purchase orders is May 31, 2022. No extensions will be granted.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for all LTB orders is 100 lamps. Limitations or conditions imposed by our supply chain may result in additional requirements or restrictions. Order acknowledgements of LTB purchase orders are non-binding. Once all LTB orders have been received and reviewed, we will reconfirm orders with projected ship dates or contact customers if there are any issues impacting our ability deliver requested LTB quantities. Hillrom is unable to hold LTB inventory. LTB quantities may be built in one production run or in multiple production runs of smaller quantities.
All lamps will be shipped following completion of each production run.

For more info can be found here!

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

Eksma OpticsEKSMA Optics New Building!

Our partner EKSMA Optics just moved into our own and new building with a total of 7300 square meters of area.

Besides expanding the manufacturing area, the new company building has the most advanced climate control system that serves the whole building. We prepared >1000 square meters of cleanroom areas dedicated to laser optics manufacturing and optical systems assembling processes, including >400 square meters of ISO 7 class cleanrooms with strict temperature, humidity, and dust particles control.

New BuildingWe also made the new investments for:

  • Production equipment of laser grade spherical and aspherical lenses
  • Dielectric coatings deposition equipment for laser optics and crystals
  • Quality control equipment

The plan is to expand laser optics manufacturing capacities at our new building several times in the next two years and serve our customers better in response to the fast-growing demand for optical and electro-optical components used in various laser applications.

GentecHow to measure a large laser beam profile

Laser beams tend to be very small when you want to look at the beam profile at their focal point or when they are collimated. It’s a challenge that we won’t cover here. What we will cover here is what to do when the beam doesn’t fit in your beam profiler sensor.

Typically, a beam profiling camera sensor is about 1 cm width or smaller. Some sensors can even go up to 20mm X 20mm, but beware that the price of the camera increases with its sensor dimension.

Working with a camera lens

What you can do if you want to measure a beam profile that is bigger than the beam profiler’s sensor is to work with a camera lens. The sensor on the beam profiler is similar in size and behavior to one you’ll find in a reflex camera. Therefore, if you shoot a laser directly at it you will see the energy distribution of your laser.

Read the full whitepaper: How To Measure A large Laser Beam Profile.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

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We look forward to supply you with all the information and material you need and answer any question.
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