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Newsflash – Precision Fair

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We have lots of news to share!

In this newsflash we want to update you on several products and webinars!

We also like to take the opportunity to inform you that we will have a booth on the following 2 trade shows:

  • Precision Fair (Precisiebeurs) – November 10th, 11th 2021 – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch
    Booth 476
    We will be there together with our partners, Jenoptik, PiezosystemJena, SIOS & Lasos
  • Food technology 2021 – December 1st, 2nd 2021 – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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SIOS MESStechnikHow to measure the invisible with the most accurate measurement systems

  • When: Thursday 11 November, 15:15-15:40u
  • Where: Precisionfair – Room 3 – Carrousel

This year Peter Grundschok will give an insight view into how the latest SIOS measuring systems, used to measure highly precise and accurately down to the nanometer and sub nanometer range. He will provide information about individual OEM solutions for feedback applications and latest product developments in the field of nanometrology.

Per instance: The SP 5000 DI/F differential interferometer series, as the suitable answer to the increasing demands reaching us from the high technology sector for increasing manufacturing quality, while components and object structures are becoming smaller and more and more complex.

Those ultra-stable differential laser interferometers are characterized by its unique thermal stability. Therefore they are predestinated for long-term measurements in research, development and for feedback applications, e.g. for material characterization or as highly linear scales. Our developers have succeeded in developing an interferometer that is 25 times more stable than its well-known competitors.

Our partner Sios is particularly proud that they have made it into the top 20 of the XXIV Innovation Award Thuringia 2021 with their laser interferometer of highest demand on accuracy, stability and linearity.

OwisFrom component to system

our partner OWIS develops and produces optical beam handling and positioning systems. Linear axes, XY stages, goniometers, beam handling systems, optical components – the variety and combinability makes the OWIS product portfolio the perfect modular system for individual applications or laboratory setups in photonics. Renowned research institutions and industrial companies have trusted in the precision, accuracy and reliability of our proven OWIS products for more than 40 years.from components to systems OWIS and TLS are your partner

In the newly created business unit OWIS Engineering, they now refine the proven OWIS products with our engineering performance and experience into application-specific systems. ” Highly accurate components are turned into high-precision systems and subsystems, which are individually tailored to customer requirements,” is how Managing Director Rüdiger Ruh describes the strategic reorientation.

Thanks to the high vertical range of manufacture, components are produced and assembled quickly and flexibly at OWIS. Constant controls ensure the highest quality. With high-precision measurement, OWIS guarantees the required performance data. Ruediger Ruh is convinced: “Our offer provides our customers with enormous added value. Combination, simplification and optimization result in a better price-performance ratio, smaller size and higher quality.”

Plug-and-play positioning systems with individual plus – that’s what OWIS Engineering stands for

“We provide support for application-specific customizing, for the fast and flexible setup of alignment and handling systems, or when it comes to further developing a laboratory setup into a production-ready series product. Our customers receive a perfectly matched system and can concentrate on their own core competence!“

Contact us for pricing and info!

PiezosystemjenaIntegrated force sensor for hpower actuators

Integrated force sensor for hpower actuators

hpower shock generators achieve up to 18 000 g in acceleration.

Highly repetitive and accurate.

Our partner piezosystems jena presents hpower actuators that have proven in a series of tests that they combine high acceleration with high force pulse generation.

Their unmatched performance makes hpower shock generators the perfect solution for the next level testing and calibration of MEMS, as well as for extreme material tests.

More information:

Contact us for pricing and info!

LASOS HeNe lasers and Diode LasersWhy are LASOS He-Ne lasers especially suited for high precision measurement?

For precision measurement in an interferometer setup very often He-Ne laser tubes are used which are frequency stabilized to increase the coherence length. Usually, this is done by wrapping a heater around the tube to control the resonator length. For this purpose, short tubes are used (in the <2 mW range) which have only two longitudinal modes. These modes are perpendicular polarized to each other.

HeNe Laser tube
A common approach to get the control signal for the heater is to separate the two modes by a polarizing beam splitter and to direct them on two separate detectors. A control electronics drives the heater in a way that the difference signal of the two detectors is kept zero.

In some cases, the two modes instantaneously switch their polarization state. This leads to a loss of locking at the control electronics. Tubes were this happens are useless for this application. This phenomenon is called “polarization switching” sometimes, though not quite correct, “mode hopping”. This has been a big problem as this behavior is not predictable and lasers showing no polarization switching had to be selected with varying yield. To overcome this, LASOS developed a new manufacturing method allowing to suppress the polarization switching precisely and permanently. This development allows also to suppress the negative effect of weak magnetic fields on the polarization switching process.

LASOS is therefore able to offer He-Ne lasers with the guarantee of no polarization switching.
Together with the excellent beam quality and the long lifetime they are the perfect choice for high performance instruments

Contact us for pricing and info!

JENOPTIK LASERS AND OPTICSLaser light rids fish farms of salmon or sea lice in a gentle and environmentally friendly way

The main area of application of green disk lasers in medicine is ophthalmology. However, lasers are now also used in fish farming to combat salmon or sea lice. The success and the advantages compared to conventional technologies speak for themselves. They help fish and the environment.

Lasers and Salmon JenoptikSpecialists in Norway have developed an effect method to combat salmon lice: An ultra-precise green disk laser combined with a camera plus a screening and computer system is positioned in the breeding tank and scans fish that swim past.

If the external shape of a salmon louse is detected, the software emits a short laser pulse, which hits the tissue of the parasite and destroys it. The system is being successfully used in Norway, Scotland, Chile and Canada.

For more info can be found here!

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

Gentec Partners for Accuracy Laser Power measurementsNew integrating sphere detector for fast laser power measurement up to 1 kW

Gentec IS50A-1KW-RSIFollowing its recent launch of integrating sphere laser power detector series, our partner Gentec-EO now adds another model of fast laser power detectors, the IS50A-1KW-RSI.

Probably the most remarkable feature of this detector is its typical rise time of just 0.2 second which means you get your high-accuracy measurement extremely fast compared to any other high-power detectors available on the market.

With its capability to measure up to 1000 W of continuous power and its 50 mm aperture, the IS50A-1KW-RSI accommodates large and powerful laser beam. It also features an incredibly low noise level of just 0.01 mW.

This power detector is ideal for collimated beams, but will also work perfectly up to 20º divergence (full angle).

Simply plug it into a computer with an INTEGRA USB or RS-232 connector, open our free proprietary software PC-Gentec-EO and you are all set to take your first measurement.

Why use Gentec-EO’S integrating sphere technology

There are numerous advantages to use an integrating sphere detector when measuring laser power.


First, it lets you follow the ramp-up of a high-power laser because such detectors measure laser power extremely fast as you can see on the following chart:IS50A-1KW-RSI performance

Integrating sphere power detectors offer many advantages performance-wise: fast response, high sensitivity, excellent spatial uniformity.

Cost-efficient solution

The same detector can be used for measuring several laser systems because the dynamic spectral range is very wide. Indeed, these detectors have a NIST-traceable calibration for their entire calibrated spectral range, and this calibration is valid from the noise floor to the maximum power: from tens of mW to 1000 W!

This results in significant savings for customers who have many lasers to measure. Also, you do not need to purchase a display device to read your measurement since our INTEGRA technology is integrated into it. Just plug the detector into your computer.

Improved safety

If you are particularly concerned about safety in your work environment, using an integrating sphere detector instead of a thermal detector is even safer because back-reflections are much weaker.

Working principle

An integrating sphere detector is composed of two elements. First, light enters a hollow sphere through a small aperture and it diffuses inside the sphere with multiple reflections on the sphere’s inner coating.

Second, a small uniformly-lit aperture at another position in the sphere samples a portion of this diffused light and sends it onto a sensor.

Basically, integrating spheres act as attenuators to allow for the use of smaller and faster detectors.


Gentec-EO’s IS50A-1KW-RSI integrating sphere detectors is available for purchase today! Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

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