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Back to School 2021

 Newsflash – Back to School 2021  – Update’s – Webinars – Product news – 

Back to School Edition

With the summer holidays behind us, we want to take the opportunity to inform you with the latest info out of our photonics field!  We highlight the webinars of Corning® Varioptic®, Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc, Sios Messtechnik, Princeton Instruments and more….

Referring to “Back to School”, as the schools are started for the young-ones and for the working generation, for training or refreshing your knowledge.

Our team is looking forward to meet you, to discuss your application and photonics challenges, face-to-face.
If you take care of the coffee or tee, we will bring a mug & some coockies!

Of course taking into account all rules that apply from the government and/or corporate.

We also like to take the opportunity to inform you that we will be having a booth on the following 2 trade shows:

  • Precision Fair (precisiebeurs) – November 10th, 11th 2021 – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Food technology 2021 – December 1st, 2nd 2021 – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Stay Safe, Enjoy the Indian summer and we hope to see you soon!

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Esther, Florijn, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

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SIOS MESStechnikHow to measure the invisible with the most accurate measurement systems

Webinar SIOS Messtechnik GmbH, September 30th, 8h30
In our approximately 45-minute webinar, you will learn how to measure the invisible with the most accurate measurement systems available from SIOS.
Our experts Dr. Denis Dontsov and Enrico Langlotz will provide information on the following main topics:

  • the basics of nanopositioning
  • application of

Our speakers will be very happy to answer your questions about nanometrology after the presentation.

Subscribe here.

etalonsTeledyne Princeton InstrumentsTechnote: Etalons

Etalons are a great way to control and measure light!

Etalons are optical components based on the principle of the Fabry-Perot Interferometer. They are effective narrowband filters, transmitting only light of specific, periodic frequencies with tight bandwidths. They are commonly used in applications such as telecommunications, lasers and spectroscopy.

An Etalon consists of two flat, partially reflecting plates separated by a distance. The gap between them, either in vacuum or filled with air or some solid substrate forms an optical cavity. These two types are known as “Air Spaced” and “Solid” Etalons respectively and possess different advantages and disadvantages.
Read the whole technote here.

Contact us for pricing and info!

PiezosystemjenaIntegrated force sensor for hpower actuators

Integrated force sensor for hpower actuators

Our partner Piezosystem Jena GmbH introduces you to the world’s first and only integrated force sensor for high powered piezoelectric actuators. This sensor option can be added internally to an encased actuator to allow for force measurement up to 10kN. This has opened up possibilities around the world for characterizing the performance of the high powered actuation by the relationship of stroke, frequency and force. Talk to us today to get a sense of what is possible through hpower technology.

Contact us for pricing and info!

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

Teledyne Princeton InstrumentsIntroduction to X-ray Scattering

Introduction to X-ray Scattering Princeton InstrumentsWhen a sample is illuminated by x-rays, they can be deflected and scattered by the sample producing unique patterns. Find out how analysing and creating these patterns can reveal structural, elemental, and atomic information.

Contact Roland for more information.

Multi-functional spectacles for curved plastic and glass filtersCorning Varioptic

Corning® Varioptic® Lenses is a market leader in developing liquid lens technology for industrial applications.

Our product offerings are designed with the user in mind, from novice to experienced. Our lenses and kits enable fast,

reliable vision systems across industries including industrial barcode scanners, machine vision, medical imaging, robotics, endoscopes, microscopy, and much more.

We recognize that liquid lens technology is still a relatively new and sometimes misunderstood innovation.
With that in mind, Corning® Varioptic® developed webinars to familiarize users with their technology, and with specific applications.

Perks of Participation
Our webinars provide all the information you need to get started using Varioptic liquid lens technology.
Plus, you’ll meet some members of our team and gain access to our knowledgable experts who are happy to help you find the right Varioptic products for your needs.

The recorded webinars have the following topics:

  • Introducing Corning® Varioptic® Lenses
  • Workshop – AF Explorer and Biometric Applications
  • Free Space Laser Satellite Communication

Stay Tuned:

The next sessions will be scheduled at the end of September. Corning® Varioptic® will focus on new products and specific applications. Dates and agenda will be announced soon.

Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

Gentec Partners for Accuracy Laser Power measurementsGentec EO webinars on laser power and performance

Gentec Maestro

Gentec EO has recorded several webinars in the past with the topics:

  • From Photons to Nuclear fusion: How to measure energy in any laser system?
  • How to monitor laser system performance with power measurement
  • Background noise subtraction: A crucial step in laser profile and power measurement
  • Beamege-M2: Laser profile scanning system to measure laser beam quality
  • How to measure spatial intensity distribution with a camera-based beam profiler: Best practices and expert tips.

Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

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