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Newsflash – Summer 2021

 Newsflash – Summer 2021  – Update’s – Webinars – Product news – 

Summer Edition

Before the summer holidays we want to take the opportunity to inform you with the latest info out of our photonics field!

In addition, we will start visiting again, to discuss your application and photonics challenges face to face. Of course taking into account all rules that apply from the government and/or corporate. By the way our staff, is (almost) fully vaccinated!

We also like to take the opportunity to inform you that we will be having a booth on the following 2 tradeshows:

  • Precision Fair (precisiebeurs) – November 10th, 11th 2021 – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Food technology 2021 – December 1st, 2nd 2021 – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Stay Safe, Enjoy the summer holidays and we hope to see you soon!

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Esther, Ben, Ruud, Monique & Roland.

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Corning Varioptic LensesNew liquid lens A-25H-D0;
keeps the same clear aperture (2.5mm) but features a wider dynamic rang

A-25H-D0 Corning Varioptic LensesCorning® Varioptic® Lenses is excited to announce the newest addition to the A-25H product line, the A-25H-D0 Variable Focus Lens.

The A-25H-D0 was created with Corning’s dedication to the unique specifications and needs of our specific applications in mind. The new liquid lens is based on a similar platform as the A-25HX and features the same clear aperture with three times higher dynamic range. The A-25H-D0 uses adjustable lens technology enabling variable focus with absolutely no moving parts. Its extended dynamic range, low power consumption, high shock resistance, and fast focus ability make it ideal for laser applications or lighting applications, where it will enable variable focus and beam expansion control. The new lens is also suited for very close auto focus or continuous auto focus applications, where it will deliver outstanding performance.

Our A-25H Variable Focus Lens is an excellent fit for low footprint systems requiring fast response time and large focusing range, and is especially suitable for miniature industrial cameras. It provides a fast track to market for product designers who need an easy to integrate, high-performance auto focus solution.

Click here to learn more about the A-25H liquid lens product line, or contact us to speak with a member of our team.

Teledyne Princeton instruments NIRvanaTeledyne Princeton InstrumentsTechnote: Thermal Management;
how NIRvana cameras keep their cool

In scientific #SWIR imaging, cooling is everything.
But there’s more to cooling than “how low can you go”: cooling stability and reliability are absolutely vital.
Learn more about NIRvana’s world-leading cooling and lifetime vacuum guarantee here.

You will find more info on our website.

SynkTekReplacement of Signal Recovery’s Lock-In Amplifiers: SynkTek MCL1-540

SynkTek Replacement of Signal Recovery’s Lock-In Amplifiers: SynkTek MCL1-540

Our longtime partner Ametek is closing further development and production of Signal Recovery’s lock-in amplifiers. As a result, we can no longer accept new orders for the expiring 7270 DSP and 7230 DSP models.

At the same time, we are glad to close this gap and introduce SynkTek’s MCL1-540 multichannel lock-in system.

SynkTek does an excellent job of pushing product development forward, while keeping quality and cost in mind.
To simplify the switch as much as possible for you, we compiled a detailed comparison of the specs of SynkTek’s MCL1-540 with the previous versions of Signal Recovery.

Contact us for pricing and info!  Downloadlink for the specsheet.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

OZ opticsUniversal Optical DNA Detection System

LAMPPYOur partner OZ Optics offers a Universal Optical DNA Rapid Detection System for pathogens such as COVID-19, Salmonella, etc. Using isothermal techniques like LAMP, target DNA/RNA is amplified and detected by fluorescence. It is affordable and rapid with results within 30 minutes. A lid heater and melt analysis are included and 8 samples can be tested simultaneously. A wireless model is available for smartphones/tablets. As a compact instrument, it can be paired with an external battery for field use..


  • Screening and diagnosis of infection disease
  • Food and water testing for microbes
  • Molecular biology research
  • Dry block incubator

Contact us for pricing and info!  Downloadlink for the specsheet.

Gigahertz-OptikLaboratory and Analysis Systems

SphereSpectro 150H Gigahertz-OptikThe The SphereSpectro 150H is a unique spectrophotometer system for simultaneously discriminating and quantifying both the spectral absorption coefficient and the spectral effective scattering coefficient of scattering media. Different versions are available for the UV, VIS and IR spectral ranges.

Main Features on a glance:

  • Simultaneous determination of:
    • Absorption coefficient, µa
    • effective scattering coefficient, µs
  • Measurement on diffuse samples (solid or liquid)
  • Easy sample handling
  • Measurement within seconds
  • Table top device
  • UV, VIS and IR spectral ranges
  • Large sample compartment with several probe fixing options
  • Precise and absolute measurements
  • Plug & play with intuitive software package

More info can be found here & watch the YouTube movie here.

VCSEL: Testing and measuring your beamGentec

VCSEL lasers have come a long way since their first introduction. What started as a revolutionary technology in the telecommunications industry, is now used as a lighting source in many modern remote sensing applications.

Since devices with these lasers are typically powered by batteries, laser efficiency and power consumption are a top priority. As such, the output power, pulse shape and other properties of your laser beam should be calibrated with reliable and robust measuring equipment.

Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

Multi-functional spectacles for curved plastic and glass filtersLaserVision

The F46 eyewear is designed as highly functional goggle and, thanks to the Clipnetic system, offer a frame concept with “universal use”. Using this magnet system, the nose pad can be easily exchanged for the RX insert or the clipnetic cover as required.

The F46 with the Clipnetic cover can be worn as light over-glasses over your own prescription glasses. With the soft, adjustable nose pad, the glasses can be used as comfortable laser safety glasses. With the RX insert, which is easily attached to the frame with a magnet, the user can use his own prescription lenses.laservision offers an in-house glazing service here.

Due to this customization and flexibility, the frame can be worn by different users and thus ensures enormous cost savings. The cold-deformable temple ends with anti-slip rubber coating ensure a comfortable and firm hold. The F46 socket is suitable for glass, sheet and plastic laser protection filters with base curve 6 (BC6) from laservision.

All 3 Clipnetic components are included in the scope of delivery. These can also be optionally reordered at any time. If the F46 is ordered with glass filters, it is delivered in the large aluminum box. If it is ordered with plastic filters, it will be delivered in a soft box with a zip. A suitable cord is enclosed with the glasses to ensure additional attachment to the head or to allow the glasses to be worn around the head.

Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

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We look forward to supply you with all the information and material you need and answer any question.
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