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NewsFlash Spring 2021

 Newsflash – Spring 2021  – Update’s – Webinars – Product news – 

Spring is coming

Spring is coming, altough, when looking outside my office window it’s raining….
Under normal circumstances, international shows are running on full power and product launch after product launch passes. At this moment it is also happening, fragmented over the months. The world famous Photonics West Exhibition, where everyone normally wants to show their latest developments, was only digital this year. This made the hard deadline for companies to present their new products a bit softer.

What is new at Te Lintelo Systems? We offer the Mobile, Robust and Cost-effective VIS-NIR Spectrometer Solutions from Attonics Systems, this product line is nicely fitting together with the Si-ware solutions in the NIR areas.

In this newsletter, we collected the latest information for you, to keep you up to date!

Stay Safe, we hope to see you soon!

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Esther, Ben, Ruud, Monique & Roland.

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Attonics SystemsMobile, Robust and Cost Effective Spectrometer Solutions

We are proud to announce the arrival of Attonics Systems ATTO3 spectrometer handheld, setting new standards in compact spectroscopy! Thanks to their patented interferometer chip, we can now offer research-level performance at an unprecedented form factor and price.
The ATTO3 comes as a full solution, packaged with the free AttoView Software and two illumination sources to choose from, depending on your application (i.e. white LEDs and UV LEDs for Fluorescence).

Ultra Compact: only 75g and 6 cm in height.
High Performance: 1 nm resolution

Contact us for pricing and info!


neospectra si-wareNeoSpectra-MIR platform – multi-configurable OEM spectrometer

NeoSpectra-MIR platformThe NeoSpectra-MIR platform is a modular system consisting of several components that allows the easy configuration of spectral measurement systems for qualification or quantification of different materials. By detection in the mid-infrared, these systems are particularly selective and sensitive, even at low concentrations, since first-order molecular vibrations are measured directly.

Because of the underlying MEMS-based FTIR-spectroscopy, the covered wavelength range is very broad and allows the detection of many different substances with only one device. At the same time, MEMS- based NeoSpectra instruments work reliably even under harsh environmental conditions with shocks and vibrations and can even recalibrate themselves if necessary – regular maintenance work is therefore not required.

The configured NeoSpectra-MIR devices feature all of these capabilities in an unprecedented compactness at an unrivalled price, which decreases significantly for larger quantities. This makes the devices ideal OEM components.

You will find more info on our website.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

OZ opticsBroadband Polarization – Entangled Photon Source

Our partner OZ optics offers the, Crystal based, EPG (Entagled Photon Source) product line which supports the generation of polarization entangled photon pairs through the well-established process of spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC). The heart of the EPG is a compact interferometer which supports type-0/type-1 phase matching (Guaraldi) and type-2 phase matching (Gershwin). Gershwin and Guaraldi can be offered standalone, but can also be purchased fiber coupled and can include a pump laser and crystal temperature control. The generators are fully customizable and designed to support today’s quantum optics R&D community.


  • Fundamental quantum information science
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum metrology

Contact us for pricing and info!  Downloadlink for the specsheet.

Gigahertz OptikIrradiance measurement of high-intensity lamps or LED’s for UV curing

UV radiation is widely used in many industrial processes, primarily for curing, purification and sterilization. The measurement of high-energy ultraviolet radiation places particular demands on the design and calibration of suitable instrumentation. Gigahertz-Optik GmbH offers a comprehensive product range of instruments and measurement accessories for measuring high energy ultraviolet radiation, a selection of which are presented in the application examples on this page.

Additionally, particular UV measurement solutions are also presented in the following application categories:

What is the minimum repetition rate of a pulsed laser when used with a power detector?Gentec

A recurring question that we hear at Gentec-EO is about the minimum repetition rate that a pulsed laser should have to be properly measured by one of our power detectors. We also ask the same question for energy detectors further below.

Although measuring average power is generally associated only with CW lasers, you can actually also measure the average power of a pulsed laser with a power detector. However, you can imagine that should the repetition rate of your pulsed laser be too low, you could end up seeing the power measurement go up and down between each pulse.

Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

We proudly present the MAESTRO, A Master in its field

The Maestro is the result of more than 7000 hours of development.
More than a dozen engineers and scientists have participated in the elaboration of the most advanced laser monitor on the market.

With a 5.6″touchscreen presenting a high resolution of 640 x 480 pixels give you the clearest and brightes graphix. The unique ergonomic design of the Maestro which includes side rubber bands allows you to have a solid grip when holding the device in your hands. At the back of the Maestro you will also find smaller rubber bands and a solidified kick-stand which insures perfect stability when placed on a surface.
On top of the device you’ll find all of the communication for an efficient use.
The addition of an USB key port allows you to store data with virtually no space limitation Gentec EO has created an revolutionary interface that is completely intuitive and easy to use thus facilitating the navigation in the various menus.
Right at startup you will find all the functionalities necessary for quick and precise measurements directly on the screen, both display modes namely the Fullscreen and the dual screen displays allow you to have complete control over what’s displayed and it’s so toggle from one mode to the other
No other laser monitor offers you this speed and ease of use.

Gentec EO designed the Maestro to offer its users the most efficient and most advanced laser measurement experience there is.
Choose the Maestro, a master in its field.

You find the product sheet and more info about the MAESTRO on our website.

Contact Ruud or Monique for more information.

photonics IndustiresUpdated product overview of all Photonics Industries Lasers

DX UV Air-Cooled series 1-7WPhotonics Industries created a nice overview of all their lasers,

Select your laser easy on specifications (e.g., pulse width, wavelength, power etc.)

have a look here:

Contact us for pricing and info!


Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components


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