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Newsflash – PrecisionFair 2020

– Newsflash – PrecisionFair 2020  – Update’s – Webinars – Productnews – 
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Precision Fair 2020

This week is a strange week for us, as we would have been at the precision fair today and yesterday.
We all know what happened….
At this moment we should be preparing for the second day of the fair, and I think it is the most perfect time to introduce to you the nice products, which we would have been showing together with our partners.

Stay Safe, we hope to see you soon!

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Esther, Ben, Ruud, Lars, Monique & Roland

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Piezosystem JenaSwitch your light

Switch your light PiezoSystem Jena Fiberswitches are the perfect solution to analyze different light sources with only one spectrometer. Up to 9 channels (18 in combination) can be switched within milliseconds. Controlled by piezoelectric actuators fiberswitches have no internal optical components and therefore avoid any form of opitcal aberration. The switches support fiber core diameters from 50 µm up to 600 µm.

The small size of switching box and the easy control make this system ideally suited as a add-on to spectrometers or other metrology devices. By utilizing mulitple channels of the detector system at the same time, the light quality remains high while costs are lower. Fiberswitches by piezosystem jena have been used in a wide variety of industries, from biological research to end product quality control.

We have our own demo system available, and are most happy to demonstrate this spectrometer at your location.

Contact Ruud or Lars for pricing and info!

Supercontinuum white light laser

Fianium SuperKThe SuperK series is an industry-leading range of turn-key supercontinuum white light lasers used by many of the most innovative companies within bio-imaging, semiconductor inspection, industrial metrology, and scientific instrumentation.

The sources are extremely robust and reliable, built for intensive use, and can replace multiple single-line lasers, large dye and gas lasers as well as broadband sources like ASE sources and SLEDs.

We would have demonstrate the SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum white light lasers, this broad as a lamp and bright as a laser. They deliver high brightness diffraction-limited light in the entire 390-2400 nm region. By adding one of our filters, the SuperK can be converted into an ultra-tunable laser. Our supercontinuum lasers are maintenance-free and the the monolithic fiber architecture ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours.

We have our own demo system available, and are most happy to demonstrate this spectrometer at your location.

Contact Ruud or Lars for pricing and info!

SIOS MesstechnikUltra-stable differential laser interferometer

SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH introduces ultra-stable differential laser interferometer SP 5000 DI

Our partner SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH introduces their ultra-stable differential laser interferometer SP 5000 DI. Which is characterised by its unique thermal stability and can be used for long-term measurements in research and development, such as for material testing.

Thanks to its design, with an external reference beam, the measurement system can be placed at a longer distance from the measurement location without significantly affecting the resolution or stability of the measurement. The length resolution of the interferometer is 5 pm and this can be achieved even under normal laboratory conditions thanks to the differential principle of the measurement system.

The measurement range for length measurement is several meters if tilt-invariant reflectors are used for the measurements. The system has a modular design and can therefore be adapted to specific measurement tasks, for instance in OEM configurations as feedback system. Adjustments can be made simply and with long-term stability. The construction of multi-axis systems on the basis of the SP 5000 DI interferometer also allows multi-coordinate measurements.

This interferometer is ideal for long-term measurements with exacting stability requirements.

We can do an online demo, or schedule a demo onside with our partner SIOS.

Take a look at the full specs on our website.


Princeton InstrumentsIsoplane 81 aberration free spectrometer

Isoplane 81 Princeton Instruments

The IsoPlane® 81 (previously known as FERGIE) is a compact, imaging spectrograph encompassing UV-NIR wavelengths ideal for microspectroscopy such as Raman, fluorescence, and absorption.

  • Aberration free
  • Optimal imaging from UV-NIR
  • 95% peak QE
  • Thermoelectric cooling to -55℃
  • IsoPlane 81 ecosystem with multiple accessories

We have our own demo system available, and are most happy to demonstrate this spectrometer at your location.

Take a look at the full specs on our website.

maXee® 3D

Relaxed Working with a Clear View on Brilliant 3D Images – Perfect Ergonomics for Your Quality Control and Production

Relaxed posture at the workplace, eye-friendly viewing of objects on the monitor: Digital 2D video microscopy is an immense progress from classic stereo microscopy due to the improved ergonomics. The systems has only ever delivered two-dimensional images – until now. SAC maXee® 3D is the innovative three-dimensional video microscope. Users see on the monitor what has always been there, but not visible up to now: the exact spatial structure of the object. Surface defects can be evaluated better, and real-time precision work can be performed much more precisely with the system.

Areas of Application:

  • Quality control, visual inspection tasks with high throughput
  • Precision work such as assembly of smallest components, connector assembly, solder joint inspection, etc.
  • Monitoring of spatial structures (crystallography, materials science, etc.)

maXee® 3D Your benefits:

  • High-resolution 3D image material makes fatigue-free working possible.
  • Ergonomics at the workplace is paramount.
    An upright sitting position and a relaxed arm position are the prerequisite for the effective handling and viewing of smallest parts during assembly and control. The amply dimensioned free working space enables you to position the monitor directly behind the object. A round back resulting from viewing the image through an eyepiece or a twisted upper body posture when viewing the monitor are now things of the past.
  • “No Latency” for highest-precision work
    Movements are displayed in the 3D image without latency. This means real-time handling, which enables you to work faster and more precisely.
  • Uncomplicated commissioning and simple handling
  • Fast documentation of the work results
    A screenshot can be made by pushing a button anytime and the frozen image can be saved via USB stick/network or used for further processing.

Check out the system at the Precision fair, or book your onside demo! Contact Ruud for more info.

SIOS MesstechnikWEB-Seminar length measurement

Register now for our next WEB seminar on 24 November 2020, 2:00pm!

SIOS-Web-Seminar You want to know:
Which interferometric measuring system is suitable for which measuring task? Which factors influence measurement uncertainties? How you can implement an Abbe error-free measurement setup? What to consider when creating an optimal measuring arrangement or how you can measure other degrees of freedom such as pitch and yaw angles as well as straightness synchronously to the length?

The Sios experts Peter Grundschok and Wolfram Meyer get to the bottom of these and other questions.

Here you will find information on the seminar content and the registration form.


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