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2024 – Happy New Year – Product – Update’s – Webinars – Product news

Te Lintelo Systems - TLS Zevenaar The Netherlands Photonics. Our Passion! We are your photonic ssource for the BeNelux.

Happy New Year – Product – Update's – Webinars – Product news


Happy new year! The Te Lintelo Systems team wishes you all a prosperous and healthy 2024!

To start the year off good, we give you an overview below, of what is new at TLS. Interesting news bites, great developments and much more.

So will we be presenting at the NWO Physics at the Koningshof in Veldhoven on the 23rd and 24th of January.
Next to this we will be actively participating at the SPIE Photonics west 2024, from the 30th of January till the 1st of February.

Interested in a meeting with us at any of the shows, just let us know and we will set things up.

Let’s make 2024 a year to remember.

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading Brigitte, Matthijs, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

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Measure up to 50kW of laser power or beyond !

The HP100A-50KW-GD detector is less sensitive to variations in water cooling temperature than any other high-power water-cooled meter on the market. Custom models handle up to 120 000 W of continuous power.

High power detector for laser power measurement up to 50 000 W


Contact us with your requirements for a version tailored to your needs

The Highest Power Handling

Custom models handle up to 120 000 W of continuous power. Higher powers are available upon request.

Stable Reading

Less sensitive to variations in water cooling temperature than any other high-power water-cooled meter on the market.

Infinite Customization Capabilities

  • Choose your size
  • Choose your maximum power
  • We will customize one just for you!

Compact and Light Weight

Lighter and more compact than any other high-power detector on the market, thanks to our unique design.

Available with YAG and CO2 Calibration

All HP models can be calibrated at YAG and CO2 wavelengths with a calibration uncertainty of +/- 5%.

Direct USB Connection to a PC

Each head comes with both a DB-15 connector (for use with a Gentec-EO monitor) and a USB2.0 output for direct connection to a PC. Other connectors are available upon request.

More info contact Ruud or Monique

meet us @ NWO PHYSICS 2024, 23 & 24 January 2024

New Scale TechnologiesTwo-Axis, Two-Mirror Beam Steering Developer's Kit Now Available

Simple, Precise, Point-to-Point Beam Steering and Easy Integration into Quantum Computing, Remote Sensing, Free Space Optical Communications, Medical Lasers, & Defense Systems.

Our partner New Scale Technologies, announced the availability of a developer’s kit for a two-axis, two-mirror beam steering system using the company’s M3 Rotary Smart Stages. The DK-M3-RS-U2-2M-20-L Developer’s Kit features miniature piezo smart stages with built-in closed-loop controllers for simple, precise point-to-point beam steering and easy integration into medical, industrial, telecom, aerospace, and defense applications.

DK-M3-RS-U2-2M-20-L Developer’s Kit Two-Axis Two-Mirror Beam Steering SystemMiniature Size, Modular Form Factor

The complete piezoelectric beam steering system houses the motors, position sensors, bearings, drive electronics, and embedded firmware inside each of the kit’s two miniature rotary stages. Each stage simply requires the input of DC power and digital commands to operate; the direct input of high-level digital commands from a system processor, 3.3 VDC input, and the ability to hold position with no power supports its use in battery-powered and portable instruments

David Henderson, CEO of New Scale Technologies, says, “Our customers continuously demand smaller, lighter weight, higher performing components that are easy to design in. We’re proud to offer incredible levels of repeatable precision in a system 25x smaller than traditional systems with bulky external controllers.”

Features and Specifications

  • 11.75 x 21.9 x 16 mm per stage, continuous 360° rotary motion
  • Mounted mirrors, laser, and two-axis base
  • Closed-loop controller embedded in each stage, no separate electronics needed
  • Angular resolution ~21.9727 m deg closed loop, built-in absolute position sensor
  • Millisecond step and settle times
  • Holds position with zero power and no jitter
  • 3.3 VDC input

More info contact Matthijs

Photonics West 2024
meet us @ PhotonicsWest 2024, January 30th – February 1st 2024

Lasos HeNeHelium-Neon lasers for a stable future, LASOS is your partner in the HeNe laser market

Helium-neon lasers were the first lasers to be produced commercially and in large quantities. This was almost 60 years ago. In 2023, He-Ne lasers are still far from obsolete. Customers around the world still rely on the outstanding properties of these stable and durable lasers. Helium-neon gas lasers and laser modules are ideally suited for applications in precision metrology and spectroscopy.

There are only a few manufacturers of this type of laser left in the world. LASOS is one of them and is expanding its leading position within the market. It is reassuring for customers to know that LASOS is and will remain a stable partner in the He-Ne laser market. This is reflected in the long-standing business relationships with customers and distributors worldwide who rely on the quality and reliability of our products, and so LASOS will continue to be a stable partner in the helium-neon laser market.

LASOS HeNe Laser Helium NeomMarc Baumbach, CEO: The withdrawal of our competitor opens up new opportunities to demonstrate our innovative strength and product quality. The withdrawal of our competitor opens up new opportunities to demonstrate our innovative strength product quality. We are determined to consolidate and further expand our strong position in He-Ne production by continuously investing in our plants and in research and development, we will be a reliable partner for existing and new customers.“

With standard products and customer-specific solutions, LASOS has an enormous product range that meets high quality standards. In addition to helium-neon lasers, these include above all: laser diode modules, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, optical fiber technologies and associated optomechanical components. Together with our strong development team, which has expertise in optics, electronics and system technologies, LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH is developing into an all-round provider of complex photonic solutions.

LASOS is optimistic about the future and strives to focus on a leading position in the laser industry through excellent products and first-class customer service.


Torrent PhotonicsTorrent Photonics

Our partner Salvo Technologies’ Photonics Divisions is rebranded, and moves forward as Torrent Photonics LLC.

This rebranding initiative reflects our commitment to growth, innovation, and providing even greater value to our clients and partners. Salvo Technologies has evolved since its founding in 2006. Today our company consists of two emerging divisions with its Photonics and Sports businesses. While both divisions share some synergies, they have always been unique when viewed from an end-market perspective.

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components

Princeton Instruments

Quantum Educational Notes

Quantum physics is the study of how particles, which make up matter, interact, and the forces by which they do. It describes the nature in which atoms work, and in turn, all chemical and biological processes. Quantum physics does not follow Newtonian physics, with matter interacting very differently to bulk material. Quantum particles can act as either a particle, found in a single place, or as a wave, where it can be in several places at once.


There are three quantum field theories that describe the four fundamental forces: electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. These theories explain how atoms remain stable, form, and decay.

Click here to get to the full Blog post!

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