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NewsFlash – Indian Summer – september 2023


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Indian Summer – Product – Update’s – Webinars – Product news

With the school holidays behind us and the weather still in summer mode, we are ready for the 2nd half of the business year.
We have some nice events in front of us, where we can meet you!

Not going to one of these event and eager to discuss your photonic needs, let us know and we are happy to visit you in person.

Your Te Lintelo Systems Team

Enjoy reading René, Brigitte, Matthijs, Ruud, Monique, Ben & Roland.

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Special Optical Coating Service from Eksma

Over the last year, we have been busy extending our custom optical coating services capacity. EKSMA Optics is well-known for its wide choice of standard laser optics, and we can offer an even wider range of custom optical coatings designed, deposited and tested in our advanced coating & metrology facilities.


LIDT Challenge 2023, This summer, we celebrated our success at the Laser Induced Damage Threshold Challenge, organized by HiLASE Centre! Our winning coating – AR @ 343 nm with LIDT of 0.6 J/cm2 measured at 1 ps, 1 kHz, AOI 0°, p-pol with a testing sport size of 1 mm. (!)

Coating chamberLooking for high LIDT coatings?
We are ready to work together with you to design a custom coating for your high-power laser application.
Some coating examples:
• Laser mirror coatings demonstrating exceptional durability with LIDT exceeding 50 J/cm2 for 10 ns pulses at 1-micron range.
• Anti-reflection coatings for laser windows and lenses featuring LIDT of over 100 J/cm2 with absorption <1 ppm in the coatings at 1-micron range.


Coating technologies Ion beam sputtering for the most critical demands in laser optical coatings Electron beam evaporation with IAD for cost-effective large-area coatings.
Looking for coating services?
We can design coatings for 190 – 20000 nm wavelength range, work with substrates up to ⌀500 mm, and do that with a turnaround time starting from 2-4 weeks.
More info contact Monique

G2V LED based solar simulatorsWebinar on Solar simulation

Our partner G2V Optics, founder and CTO Dr. Mike Taschuk, is presenting it on Wednesday September 13, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC -4) with a Q&A session to follow.

Webinar on solar simulatorThis webinar will discuss the current state of the solar simulation technology market and showcase how modern simulators are pushing the boundaries of quality, flexibility, and reproducibility for top researchers, manufacturers, and quality assurance groups.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • – The fundamentals of Solar Simulation
  • – How Solar Simulators work and how to  against
  • – Optoelectronic design and the practical considerations for LED light sources
  • – Calibration, quality testing, and value add-ons beyond the standards.
  • – Future applications of Solar Simulation
  • – Aerospace, photovoltaic, and academic case studies demonstrating how LEDs are changing the landscape of research
Sign up and learn something new!

Dutch Photonics Event

meet us @ Photonics day 2023, September 20 – UR Wageningen

Fyla Super Continium

Iceblink – Super Continuum Laser

FYLA ICEBLINK Super ContinumIceblink is a supercontinuum fiber laser covering the 450-2300 nm spectral range with over 3W of average power and superior stability (<0.5% std. dev.). It is a very versatile white light source with a world of applications in the scientific and industrial sectors, including absorption/transmission measurements for material characterization, VIS, NIR and IR spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy and fluorescence excitation.

The spatial coherence and broad spectrum of Iceblink makes it a great alternative to a classic lamp, single-line lasers, LEDs and ASE sources.

9 band SWIR Camera

The PixelCam 9 band SWIR camera utilizes the latest developments in high-performance SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) image sensors combined with Salvo’s patented ability to create pixelated filters to create a multispectral imaging system capable of discerning 9 distinct spectral ranges between 1000nm and 1700nm.

This opens the door to a wide range of applications where distinguishing the different SWIR “colors” enables the possibility to identify other subjects much more clearly, just as a color image in the visible spectrum does when compared to a monochrome one.

The use of the SWIR spectrum though has many advantages such as the ability to penetrate deeper into certain substances and even see right through them when a visible image would be occluded or even completely opaque.

Find more info on our website here, or contact Roland for more info!

Precisie Beurs

meet us @ Precision Fair ‘s-Hertogenbosch 15 & 16 November

Your source for optical components

we are your source for optical components


High Resolution Spectrometers

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the SynIRgy system, a groundbreaking advancement in the preclinical imaging field that is set to revolutionize the way we visualize and study tumors.
The SynIRgy system combines bioluminescence, NIR-I, and NIR-II imaging to enable precise colocalization of tumors (bioluminescence) with the benefit of sharp, high-resolution imaging (NIR-II).

Key Features of SynIRgy:
1.    Precise Colocalization: By combining bioluminescence with NIR-I and NIR-II imaging, SynIRgy enables more accurate localization and quantification.
2.    High-Resolution Imaging: The use of NIR-II imaging provides sharp, high-resolution images, making it easier to identify and study even the smallest of tumors.
3.    Deeper Tissue Penetration: The NIR-II is a more consistent complementary modality to bioluminescence, able to collect ballistic photons from deeper in the tissue than visible or NIR-I fluorescence.
4.    Use of Validated Dyes: The combination with NIR-I allows the use of a larger list of already validated dyes in this range, before a possible transition to NIR-II, making it a flexible and adaptable system.

See below a comparison of our three IR Vivo systems:

The SynIRgy system is the perfect combination of the power of bioluminescence and the advantages of NIR-II , making it an indispensable tool for researchers and clinicians working in the preclinical field.
We invite you to discover the SynIRgy system and learn more about the benefits of this advancement in preclinical imaging.

Ask Roland for more info!

Andover Corporation

Technical Paper: Angle Shift in Bandpass Filters

All Optical Interference Bandpass Filters exhibit some degree of shift with the angle of incidence (AOI).

Since the layers of a bandpass filter operate in the coherence range of the desired wavelengths, a departure of AOI from zero degrees results in the shortening of the center wavelength. To achieve the desired bandwidth, standard optical bandpass filters are designed with the minimum layer thicknesses needed in the absentee spacer layers.

An example is given below (Fig. 1) of a standard bandpass filter centered at 750 nm with a bandwidth of 20 nm. One can see that the filter will still transmit the center wavelength (CWL) to a tilt of 15° AOI. This limits the function of the filter to about f/1.9 or a 30° full cone angle.

Fortunately, optical design strategies exist to reduce the angle shift, thereby increasing operating cone angle. These involve increasing the thickness of the absentee layers and consequently the number of cavity elements needed to maintain edge steepness.

However, this design is more complex and the deposition process is more difficult to control (and is more costly). Therefore, it is not routinely used in manufacturing, although, it is available as a custom filter option.

Click here to get to the full Blog post!

Apre Instruments

Technical Paper:

Mid Spatial Frequencies in Optical Surfaces Based on Interferometric Measurements

Modern optical polishing introduces mid-spatial frequency errors. Few standards exist to specify and measure mid-spatial frequencies. We propose Fizeau interferometry’s application characterized by power spectral density due to its flexibility and easy physical interpretation.

Click here to get to the full Blog post!

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