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Portable photodiode-based laser power meter for up to 800 mW.

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This mid to high power handheld probe is so compact it fits in your pocket!


The touch screen color LCD allows for a friendly user interface. You can make a measurement with just the touch of a button!

User Setable

You can set the wavelength, brightness and screen orientation to adapt to your application.

Data Logging

Save your data to the internal memory and then transfer it to your PC over the USB connection.

From Low to High Powers

Thanks to a low noise level and high damage threshold, the PRONTO can measure powers from 1 W to 50 W.

Fully Calibrated

The PRONTO-50-W5 comes fully calibrated: every wavelength between 248 nm and 2.5 μm.

Hands-Free Operation

Place it on a flat surface or use one of the 2 threaded holes that we have integrated in the casing for safe use with optical stands.


caibrated in a ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is an internationally recognized standard that defines the requirements for competent testing and calibration in laboratories. It ensures that activities are conducted with impartiality and ensures consistent operation of laboratories.

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