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Duma Optronics

Duma Optronics Ltd. is engaged in the development and manufacturing of electro-optical instrumentation, specializing in computerized measurement systems for laser beams. The unique state-of-the-art technology developed and owned by Duma Optronics is under patent pending.

Duma BeamprofilerThe family of products that were developed in Duma Optronics meets the market needs for sophisticated instrumentation and includes:

  • Optical beam positioning and alignment measurement systems
  • Beam analysis systems (Beam Profilers, M2 meter, Divergence meter)
  • Multi-Channel Power Meters
  • Electronic Autocollimators
  • Tailor made test stations


As can be judged from this product sample, the Duma Optronics strength lies in combining:

  • A wide spectrum of technical disciplines
  • A strong spirit of innovation
  • A practical, application-oriented approach to High-Tech.

The company was established late in 1989 by a group of researchers to serve the optronics industry with innovative products. Their fertile interaction resulted in a number of innovative solutions to optronics instrumentation problems with universal applications.

Duma Optronics currently employs 25 employees, most of them are engaged in R&D, and includes specialists in optical design, E-O systems, electronic signal processing and computerized imaging.

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Duma Optronics Ltd.


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