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High-Brightness, Long-Life,
Broadband Laser-Driven Light Source

banner_Logo_EnergetiqBased on the highly successful Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS) technology, the EQ-77 offers the highest radiance and irradiance available in a truly broadband white light source. The EQ-77 features a compact lamp house, with clean construction that ensures long life and ultimate stability. With a 170nm-2100nm wavelength range, and a choice of source dual-beam output or a single-beam output with retro-reflector, the EQ-77 is flexible for a broad variety of applications.

Researchers using light for imaging and analytical spectroscopy in a variety of applications in the life sciences and materials sciences need light sources capable of providing extreme high brightness and power across a broad wavelength range.

Features  &  Benefits of EQ-77

EQ-77 lamphousing

  • Radiance >40mW/mm².sr.nm (wavelength dependent)
    – Fastest measurements
  • Very low noise and excellent spatial stability
    – Precise & repeatable results
  • Dual beam output or higher-output Single-beam (using integrated Retro-reflector) for flexibility
    – For optical flexibility
  • Compact lamphouse with water-cooling and clean construction
    – Long life and stability
  • Extreme high brightness across broad spectrum
    – UV-Vis-NIR (170nm – 2100nm)
  • Electrodeless operation
    – Long life and low cost of ownership
  • Electronic optical output control
    – Light attenuation

Industry Applications

  • Semiconductor Metrology & Inspection
  • Monochromator Source
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
  • Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM)
  • Materials Characterization
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Thin Film Measurements

eq-77 power chart Energetiq

Product image(s)

EQ-77 lamphousing


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