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Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology

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Rapid developments in LEDs over the past decade have created a major growth market with completely new applications. Full color displays for large areas only became possible with the introduction of high-intensity blue LEDs, while High Power white LEDs are now widely used in general lighting and the automotive industry. These applications have placed increasingly stringent demands on the optical characterization of LEDs, and Solid-State Lighting (SSL) lamps, modules and luminaires, which serves as the benchmark for product quality.

Specific expertise is needed in order to achieve precise and reproducible results. This handbook discusses the special characteristics of LEDs and emerging OLEDs. It provides an overview of state-of-the-art measurement equipment and gives recommendations for obtaining accurate measurement results. The main goal of this handbook is to give readers who are new to this subject an introduction into LED metrology. However, it also provides a useful reference work for more experienced readers.

As an introduction, basic terms and definitions used in photometry, radiometry and colorimetry are described. This develops into definitions of quantities and details such as the physical properties specific to LEDs and SSL products. Later sections describe the test setups and methodology required for accurate measurements. Possible sources of error arising from interactions between LEDs and measuring instruments are also discussed. The handbook concludes with a section devoted to the unique requirements of LED testing in a production environment.

Readers who are short of time can selectively read individual sections. However, it is recommended to read the entire handbook to obtain an in-depth understanding of this discipline.

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