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Te Lintelo Systems, in collaboration with Optosky, offers a brand new range of modular network spectrometers & Raman Spectrometer covering a very wide range of needs.
The diversity of the detectors, networks and configurations proposed make it possible to adapt to each request, from the integrator looking for small space and attractive costs, to the scientist requiring high resolution and high sensitivity.
* detectors 128 to 4096 pixels, linear or matrix
* Silicon (standard or “Back Thinned”) or InGaAs
* uncooled, cooled TEC 1 or 2 stages
* 200 nm – 2600 nm but also a model covering the range 2.5 to 11 μm with integrated source and ATR
* Cross Czerny-Turner or Type M for ultra-high spectral resolution
* Dimensions from 45 x 40 x 24 mm for a weight of 57 g and a detector 1000 pixels!
* tailor-made solutions

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