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Calibration Interferometer

SP 15000 C Series

  • Synchronous, continuous
    5 DOF-measurement of length, pitch and yaw angle as well as straightness
  • Horizontal and vertical components of axis straightness are measured by a rotatable optics.
  • Calibration software according to currently applicable standards
  • Easy handling and adjustment by integrated beam direction detection
  • Beam deflection with an optional adjustable deflection mirror

Technical Data:

Length measurement

  • Measuring range: up to minimum 15 m
  • Length resolution: 0.1 nm
  • Beam distance: 50 mm

Angle measurement

  • Measuring range: up to ±5°
  • Angular resolution: < 0.01 arcsec (up to 0.004 arcsec)

Straightness measurement

  • Measuring range: ±4 mm
  • Resolution: 10 nm
  • Axial range (in measuring range freely selectable): < 6.5 m


  • Calibration of higth-precision axes in measuring and machine tools, as well as coordinate measuring instruments
  • Laserinterferometric measurements on guides and translation stages
  • Ultraprecise simultaneous length and angle measurements
  • Differential measurements website datasheet icon

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Sios Interferometer


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