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Laserinterferometric Vibrometer

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The design of these devices is based on the proven concept with our SP-series miniature interferometer. The sensor head of the vibrometer is equipped with additional optics, which enables measurements on surfaces of any roughness.


Laser vibration measurement
Laser vibration measurement
  • Displacement measurements in the frequency range 0 – 5 MHz
  • Measurement through narrow windows are possible
  • Vibration measurement software for Windows

Applications: High precise measurement of vibrations and length


Nano Vibration Analyzer:

The Nano Vibration Analyzer is a fiber-coupled laserinterferometric vibrometer integrated in a precision technical microscope.


  • Noncontact vibration measurements on micro objects
  • Flexible sample positioning
  • Different changeable objectives
  • USB-camera for observation of measuring objects

Application: Noncontacting vibration measurements on micro objects, MEMS and cantilevers

NA Series

  • High precision, noncontact vibration measurements on micro objects
  • Application-specific configuration
  • FFT-software for spectrum-analysis
Technical Data:

  • Measurable frequency range:
    0…5 MHz
  • Amplitude resolution: 20 pm
  • Scan field range: 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Microscope magnification: 10x / 50x

  • Noncontacting vibration measurements on micro objects, MEMS and cantilevers
  • Determining the vibrational spectrum
  • Determining the vibrational shapes (planar vibrations)
  • Determining the resonance frequencies
  • Measurement of the static deflection of membranes and other microstructures


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