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Length measurement systems

Length measurement systems from SIOS based on Laser interferometry, standard products but also custom made designs to solve your specific need. We have here our standard protfolio on display, if this will not feed your need completely let us know and we build your custom interferometer.

Length measurement systems

Sios Length measurment system

  • Single beam interferometer
  • Laser-Interferometer for differential measurements
  • Laser-Interferometric Gauging Probes
  • Laser-Interferometer for multi-axial measurements, or multi-coordinate measurements
  • Double-Beam Interferometer
  • Triple-Beam Interferometer

Classical and simple interferometer with corner cube reflector:

The reflected laser beam is shifted sideways and returns parallel to the outgoing beam.

Benefits:Sios Lenght measurement systems Interferometer

  • Cold sensor head due to complete fiber-optic cable coupling
  • Easy adjustment due to tilting invariance of the corner cube reflector (±1.5°)
  • No signal losts even in the case of the axes not being straight

Applications: Calibration of axes and length measuring machines website datasheet icon

Single-beam, high precision interferometer with plane-mirror, ball or hollow reflector:

Single laser beam with the same optical path for the reflected measuring beam.

Benefits:Sensor kop Sios - Lenght measurement systems

  • Best linearity
  • Measurement also through small windows
  • In case of using plane mirrors a lateral movement of the mirror or of the interferometer orthogonal to the measuring axis is possible.
  • In case of using ball or hollow reflectors with high tilting invariance the adjustment of the interferometer is very easy. The measuring distance is increased compared to the mirror reflector.

Applications: Calibration of length measuring instruments, Multiple coordinate, measurements, e. g. on planar tables,Eccentricity and concentricity measurements website datasheet icon

Highest-stable differential interferometer with plane mirror and cat-eye reflector:

Laser interferometer with minimum 2 beams – The path length difference of the beams detects the length.



  • Differential measurement minimizes environmental effects.

Applications: Measurements with highest demands on stability, so for long-term measurements website datasheet icon

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Sios Interferometer


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