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Measurement and Calibration systems

Gauge-block calibration system:

The LM 20 laser-interferometric gauging probe is established as an upper gauging probe for the calibration of parallel gauge blocks. Easy to use software for data processing, data correction and data output in compliance with the existing standards is available.


  • Significant reduction of the required quantity of standard gauge blocks
  • Linearity errors, e. g. errors due to misalignments, angular misalignments of the gouging probe and thermal effects will be corrected.
  • Yields faster measurements, thanks to menu-driven metrological procedures
  • Calibrating of unusual nominal sizes and items is possible

Applications: Calibration of plane-parallel gauge blocks with rectangular cross sections ranging from 0.5 mm to 100 mm, Measurement characteristic dimensional parameters in compliance with ISO 3650. website datasheet icon



Optical-Interference Testing Rig for Applanation Tonometers:

Its flexible configuration allows for use with various types of tonometers.


  • Independent orientation force measurements by laser interferometric force sensor while maintaining compliance within tolerated error limits.
  • Provides automated test procedures complying with ISO 8612 testing regulations for applanation tonometers
  • The rig is portable, and thus may be used on-site e. g. at hospitals or ophthalmologists offices.

Applications: Conducting metrological accuracy verification on applanation tonometers in accordance with 11, section 3, MPBetreibV, both in the laboratory and on-site at remote locations; Testing tonometers for compliance with the EN ISO 8612 testing standard; Quality control testing during tonometer manufacture. website datasheet icon

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