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Display Metrology

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In cooperation with Instrument Systems nowadays we encounter displays in every walk of life. All these applications require sophisticated measurement instrumentation ( to do display metrology ) in R&D and manufacturing.

LumiCam Advanced | Instrument Systems
LumiCam Advanced | Instrument Systems

Instrument Systems has a long track record as the market leader in test and measurement systems for displays in the automotive and avionics industry. And our comprehensive product range is used to test and calibrate smartphone displays, tablet PCs, and TV sets.

In 2012, Instrument Systems took over the DMS product line from Autronic-Melchers. These Display Metrology measurement systems allow the characteristics of LCD panels and OLEDs to be comprehensively analyzed.
four different product families:

InstrumentSystems Lumicol 1900DMS505 Instrument SystemsPlease contact us for more information or advise

Light measurement products

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