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SSL Goniophotometers – LGS1000 and LGS350

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The entire spectrum of angle-dependent measurements

The goniophotometers from Instrument Systems allow angle-dependent optical parameters of LED and SSL products to be comprehensively analyzed. This covers the entire value chain from single packaged LEDs, through LED modules and light engines to large SSL lamps and luminaires.

All goniophotometers are designed as Type C with a horizontal alignment of the optical axis (turning luminaire configuration). Each goniometer sets benchmarks in its class for precision, reliability and handling. If these goniophotometers are combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, they are able to determine not only photometric data but also spectral quantities, such as color coordinates, color temperature, and even color rendering index as a function of angle.

ModelSample sizeSample weightApplication rangeAttributes
LEDGON112 mm0.7 kgSingle LEDs, LED arrays and small modulesGoniometer and optical bench in light-tight enclosure with hinged lid
LGS 350700 mm8 kgMedium-sized LED modules and SSL light sourcesCompact setup with integrated control electronics
LGS 10001900 mm50 kgLarge SSL lamps and luminairesAccessible steps to goniometer enable test specimens to be easily mounted; optional luminous flux integrator
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LGS 1000 – Superior measurement technology for large SSL lamps and LED modules

The new LGS 1000 goniophotometer analyzes the angle-dependent spatial radiation properties of large SSL lamps and LED modules up to a length of 1900 mm and weight of 50 kg. The Type C design with horizontal optical axis permits a much simpler setup for the measuring path – despite its impressive dimensions of 1850 x 1492 x 1798 mm – than with complex mirror goniophotometers.

Combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, all spectral quantities such as color coordinates, color temperature and even color rendering index can be determined as a function of angle. C-plane measurements can also be carried out very quickly “on the fly” using the Optronik DSP Photometer.



The complete system

The LGS 1000 comprises the goniometer itself with a sample plate for fixing the test specimen and LGS controller. The control unit is located in a separate 19” rack. The goniophotometer system from Instrument Systems includes a comprehensive range of accessories such as the luminous flux integrator which measures test objects up to a diameter of 200 mm in their required burning position in conformance with standards CIE S 025, EN 13032-4 and IES LM-79-2008. An additional burning position correction enables the characterization of larger probes. This innovative accessory permits measurement of all photometric quantities of the test item in a luminaire orientation other than the designed burning position. The mechanical design guarantees a comfortable setup of the operational position necessary for the determination of correction data using the auxiliary photometer method conforming to the latest international standards (CIE S 025 and EN 13032-4).

Product highlights

  • Type C goniophotometer for specimens up to 1900 mm in diameter
  • Accessible steps facilitate mounting of samples
  • Accurate determination of luminous intensity and luminous flux
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
  • Optional luminous flux integrator
  • Optional burning position correction

Technical specifications

LGS 1000 Goniophotometer
CIE Goniometer typeType C with horizontal optical axis
DriverServo motors
Angular range C axis± 180° with end switches
Angular range γ axis

± 170° with end switches (usable to ± 165° due to shadowing)

Resolution of the angular encoder0.01°
Reproducibility C axis

≤ 0.1° (at rated load)

≤ 0.2° (at max. load)

Reproducibilty γ axis

≤ 0.1° (at rated load)

≤ 0.1° (at max. load)

Angular speed C axis5°/s to 50°/s selectable (16 speeds)
Angular speed γ axis5°/s to 30°/s selectable (16 speeds)
Travel range Z axis50 to 500 mm via hand crank (integrated measuring scale in mm)
Clear height1005 mm
Sample table
Maximum sample size1700 x 1050 mm² or 1900 x 620 mm² (in each case for symmetrical mounting)
Rated load range0-30 kg
Maximum load rangeto 50 kg
LGS Controller
FunctionsDriving the servo motors of the goniometer; display of the angle positions; optional display of measured values for the Optronik photometer
InterfacesRS-232-C for connecting a PC; CAN Bus for DSP measurement amplifier and remote control RecoCAN
System setupSeparate 19″ rack 33 U (dimensions of rack: 1650 x 552 x 600 mm)
Power supply and max. consumption230 V; approx. 2000 VA


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LGS 350 – Perfect for mid-sized SSL light sources and LED modules

The LGS 350 Goniophotometer / Goniospectroradiometer was developed for the analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation properties from small to medium-sized SSL luminaires and LED modules. The test specimen is operated in a horizontal burning position and measurements can be taken at an angular range of ±160° in the gamma / theta axis.

Combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, all spectral quantities such as color coordinates, color temperature and even color rendering index are determined as a function of angle. The Optronik DSP Photometer can also be used to carry out C-plane measurements very quickly “on the fly”.

LGS350 Photogoniometer by Instrument SystemsThe complete system

The LGS 350 comprises the goniometer with a sample plate for fixing the test specimen and the LGS Controller that drives the stepper motor and the angle display. If a photometer is used, the LGS Controller also displays the measured values in candela or lux.

The following versions of the LGS 350 are supplied:

  • Goniometer with stable base and integrated LGS Controller. The structure is particularly space-saving and compact, as well as providing very high mechanical stability with the floor.
  • Goniometer in benchtop version with separate 19” rack for the LGS Controller. This configuration is mobile and can be used flexibly.


  • Type C goniophotometer with horizontal optical axis
  • For samples up to 700 mm diameter and 8 kg weight
  • Accurate determination of the luminous intensity distribution and luminous flux
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
  • Data export in IES and EULUMDAT format

Technical specifications:

LGS 350 Goniophotometer
CIE goniometer typeType C with horizontal optical axis
DriverStepper motors
Angular range C axis± 160° with reset switches
Angular range Gamma axis± 160° with reset switches
Resolution of the angle encoder0,01°
Reproducibility C axis≤ 0,1° (at max. sample load)
Reproducibility Gamma axis≤ 0,05° (at max. sample load)
Angular speed C axis16 speeds selectable from 2.5°/s to 36°/s
Angular speed Gamma axis16 speeds selectable from 1°/s to 18°/s
Clear width C axis – swivel arm370 mm
Sample table
Maximum sample size700 x 140 mm² or 640 x 230 mm² or 500 x 500 mm² (in each case for symmetrical mounting)
Maximum sample mass8 kg
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LEDGON – Goniophotometer for determining spatial radiation patterns

The LEDGON goniophotometer from Instrument Systems determines the spatial radiation pattern of LEDs and small LED modules. Measurement is made over the whole forward hemisphere of an emitting LED. A high angle resolution of 0.1° means exact measurements even for narrow emission angle LEDs. In combination with the CAS 140CT spectroradiometer, additional spectral parameters, such as the angle dependence of color coordinates or color temperature, can also be measured. White LEDs, for example, exhibit a significant angle dependence of the color temperature.

Ledgon measurement bench

Exact measurements of luminous flux and total radiant power

The LEDGON goniophotometer can also be used for accurate determination of luminous flux and total radiant power. The measurement errors typical of integrating spheres (due to their geometry) are avoided. Instrument Systems has developed an appropriate add-on for the SpecWin Pro software that fully automates the measurement process.


LEDGON-100 – goniophotometer
Angle range:theta axis: approx. +/- 100° ; phi axis: 360°
Angle accuracy:theta axis: 0.1° ; phi axis: 1°
LEDGON-130 – sample table
Clamping range2 x 15 mm
Max. test size112 x 112 x 48 mm (W x L x H)
Max. test weight700g
Electrical connections10 x 0.1mm² max. 1A; 2x 0.75 mm² max. 6A
LEDGON-131 xy translation stage
Travel range49 mm per axis
Max. test size64 x 85 x 25 mm (W x L x H)

Light measurement products

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