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General Lightsources

Te Lintelo Systems has a variety  of lamps and lightsources in her portfolio, from standard halogen light bulb to a Solar Arc bulb, from endoscope to airospace illuminaires.

Lamps / Lightbulbs

  • Halogen
  • Vacuum
  • LED
  • Solarc

halogen lightsource welchallynwelchallyn lightsourcewelchallyn ledSolarc welchallyn lightsource


  • Lamps for Automotive
  • Lamps for Aerospace
  • Lamps for NDIR sensors
  • Lamps for Cameras

Special LED bulbs for automotive Lightbulbs for airplanesLight bulb Welch AllynLED's

Medical Lighting

  • (General) Exam Light
  • Diagnostic Headlight
  • Minor Procedure (Head)Light
  • Examination Light
  • Surgical Headlight
  • Professional Penlite

general exam lightdiagnostic lightsourcesminor produce head light examination light Research Head lightpenlite

For more information please give us a call or mail your request, for your convenience we provide below the link of the product catalog. website datasheet iconWelchAllyn HPX Catalog

Welch Allyn Parabolic and Elliptical Light bulb overview


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