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1000W UV LS1000-Series Solar Simulators

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LS1000 6 inch Solar LightLS1000-Series simulators can reliably produce UV levels several times stronger than tropical sun, without any of the associated heat load, which is ideal for measuring the damaging effects of UV during materials testing.

6” (15 cm) Square Beam 1000W UV Solar Simulator Model LS1000-6S-UV

The LS1000-6S-UV 1000W Solar Simulator produces solar UV radiation in the 290-400nm range, and can be quickly and easily configured by the user to provide UVA only, UVB only, UVA+B, or full spectrum sunlight optionally. With 98% uniformity available in the 6″ (15.25 cm) square beam’s central usable area, these precision research-grade instruments are specifically designed to comply with the latest laboratory standards such as ASTM, IEC, and ISO.


There are several versions available like 6″, 4″, 2″ Square or round beam.


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