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EZ-0117 XY Stage

Our air-lubricated bearing cross tables and multi-axis systems are also direct drive with linear motors, and depending on your application, they can be protected from the penetration of dirt and dust by guide track covers. Air bearing axes are also suitable for high-speed applications with very high acceleration and speeds. The systems are adapted as integrated devices into your control system or fitted with an internal control system as a stand-alone device, with interfaces to your application.


In the design of the XY Stage EZ-0117, particular emphasis was placed on a cost-conscious design combined with high accuracy requirements.

The treads for the air bearings are covered with bellows that prevent the ingress of particles, making the EZ-0117 particularly suitable for particle-loaded applications. Despite being equipped with bellows, a high level of positioning accuracy is achieved.

Iron-core synchronous motors allow acceleration of up to 10 m/s² and a travel speed of up to 1 m/s.

The machine bed is made of granite. An interface plate is provided on the side of the cross table for the transmission of energy, signals and media. Both axes can be supplied separately with electrical and pneumatic energy. The end position is detected by inductive sensors. The XY Stage is available in 2 sizes, with a travel range of 250 x 450 mm or 250 x 800 mm.

Other dimensions or extensions of the two-axis system are possible on request.

Key Features

▪ Travel Range 250 mm x 450 / 800 mm

▪ Max. Speed 1 m/s

▪ High Accuracy

▪ Max. Load 500 N

▪ Fully Covered Machine Interior

▪ Ideal for Particle Generating Machining Processes


Positioning, scanning, exposure, laser engraving, laser processes in general.

Drive Control

We offer the EZ-0117 stage with the following drive controllers:

▪ Kollmorgen Servostar AKD / S300 / S700

▪ ACS Controller with NanoPWM Drive

▪ Triamec TSD130


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