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The Hyperchromator, a monochromator designed for ISTEQ’s laser-pumped plasma light source XWS-30, is a development of Mountain Instruments. The Hyperchromator optimally uses the advantages of the pointed plasma light source by using a mirror with an aperture up to f/1.5 to collect the light and ensure maximum light throughput without a limiting entrance slit. It is optimized for applications that require a fast and tunable point light source.



This monochromator has been especially developed and optimized for the laser-pumped light sources of the XWS series from ISTEQ. Due to their extremely high luminance, these light sources are particularly well suited for generating monochromatic light in the wavelength range of 200 nm – 2200 nm (UV/VIS/NIR).  Bandwidths from 1 nm to 20 nm are possible.

The light is collected directly from the lamp’s plasma with an aperture of f/1.5, without using an additional entrance slit. This makes this tunable light source very efficient.
At the exit, the light is coupled into a multi mode fiber.

The half-width of the output light can be further reduced by an adjustable slit.
For example, with the XWS-30 an output of more than 0.8 mW at 475 nm with a half-width of only 5.8 nm is achieved. The wavelength is selected via USB interface from PC or laptop. Easy-to-use software is included. External control and integration into existing systems is possible via LabVIEW, Python, etc.With the automatic dual grating changer it is possible to cover the whole wavelength range from 200 nm – 2200 nm without a manual grating change.

Key Features:

• Different configurations available
• Fast optics, up to f/1.5 for highest throughput
• Homogenous output distribution due to a proprietary design
• Etendue-matched to ISTEQ XWS-30
• Broad tunable range from DUV to NIR
• No input slit
• Built-In Shutter
• Easy to use Software, Windows GUI, LabView on request



Optical inputISTEQ light source XWS30, XWS65 or XWSR, directly coupled
Optical outputFused silica fiber, SMA or FC, 100-400 µm core, or free beam output with adjustable slit or various collimator options. Spectral power monitoring on request.
Wavelength range200 – 2500 nm *
Aperturef/1.5 or f/2, depending on required resolution and light output
Bandwith1-10 nm FWHM *
Output powerUp to 500µW @ grating blaze wavelengths, 6nm bandwith and 400µm fibere
ReproducibilityTyp. 0.1 nm
Scanning Speed40-100 nm/s *
Control InterfaceUSB/RS-232, LabVIEW™-based GUI, various external control options

*depends on choice of grating and other requirements



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