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MPX – Multiphoton microscope.


MPX is the world’s first turnkey, compact, and fully integrated next-generation multiphoton microscope!

Prospective’s MPX combines different imaging techniques in one easy-to-use and portable device: non-linear MP (two-photon, SHG & THG) and wide field epi-fluorescence and fluorescence lifetime imaging to maximize informational content, ranging from single cells up to living animals  in upright and inverted configuration. Confocal resolution and a high penetration depth makes it an easy-to-use 3D microscope, even for label-free markers such as collagen in tissue.

The entire microscope consists of a small air-cooled controller unit with integrated PC and a compact imaging scan head,  both connected through a flexible umbilical cord. Key features are the fully integrated high-power wavelength tuneable femtosecond fiber laser engine, resonant-galvo-galvo scanning, up to 4 highly sensitive PMTs, high performance wide-field imaging and a motorized objective turret. All integrated into the free moving scan head, which is lightweight, rugged, and allows the ultimate imaging flexibility in any sort of environment.


Ready to go out of the box
There is no need for a technician to screw things together at the customer site. Our microscopes ship fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

Plug & Play
Our microscopes are easy to setup and easy to use. They are designed fundamentally to be used by anyone in any location.

Multimodality at its best
Experience the convenience and power of multimodal imaging in a flexible, upgradable, modular package.

No optical table
There is no need for an optical table. Our microscopes are designed to be used anywhere, by anyone.

Energy efficient
No excessive heat and quiet operation that helps save energy and reduces the cost of system maintenance.

Easy to transport
Our system is easy to transport, making it the ideal system for a flexible working space and sharing it with other groups.

Always aligned
The lasers and optics are permanently aligned and ready to use so you can spend less time getting things set up and running. More time for imaging.

No water cooling
Our air cooled system is not only energy efficient but also ready within a few minutes (short laser warm up time) and can be set up in almost any indoor working space.

Free-moving scanhead
With our unique free-moving scan head, users can image samples of varying size from every angle.


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